Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Baby Safety in the Home

If you have babies you will know how hard it is to keep them safe in the home. Just the other day I went to my mum and dad's and their house (through no fault of their own) is massively unfriendly for children. My mum is a knitter, so her knitting and sewing needles are on the side, the stairs are steep and have no gate, there are no locks on the cupboards...I suppose I am just too used to having these safety precautions in place.

Having the two babies that we have to make arrangements for babies to be safe around the home. To be honest, I can't wait until we can have a 'normal' home again, but for now, we're happy to have these measures in place - to keep these three safe!

So what do we have to help keep our kids safe in the home?

1. Safety Gates

We have one at the top of the stairs. We used to have one at the bottom, too, but clumpy me stumbled into it and it broke. I find that as long as we keep the living room door closed, and keep our eyes (even the ones in the back of our heads) on the children then they are OK.

2. Cupboard Locks

We have latches for the cupboards. This means that you can only open the cupboards about an inch unless you unhook the clasp at the back of the cupboard door, and this is pretty child-proof - they are just not that smart at this young age! I'll be honest I didn't like these when we first got them - I kept forgetting that they were there and kept getting frustrated when the door wouldn't open fully. But now I am pretty grateful that they keep our kids safe.

3. Bed Rail

Our toddler has just moved into her 'big girl bed' so we have got a rail attached to the bed. This gives us a massive amount of peace of mind as we don't need to worry about her falling out of bed when she is asleep - she has been in that bed at least three months now and she has never fallen out. (Touch wood!)

4. General Tidiness

This might seem obvious but we keep all bleach, perfume, household cleaners out of the babies reach. My knitting bag is stored on top of my bookcase, and as messy as it looks, it is out of the way of little inquisitive hands!

5.Child Locks

If you have child locks in your car then switch them on. We have them on both doors, and also we even have one on the washing machine - if one of my cherubs climbs in then they can't look themselves in. This is handy, but I wasn't planning on leaving them alone long enough to try this out!

So there you have my child safety measures. It is hard having children and especially babies - they have no sense of danger and it only takes a second for them to get into trouble - anything I can do to prevent that is good in my book!


  1. Good advice. My baby is so close to working out the child lock on the washing machine. He watches me really carefully every time I use it, like a raptor on Jurassic Park. x

  2. Great advice....
    My girls are 6 & 11 and on a night the stair gate still gets put at the top of the stairs...Partially out of habit but I don't want them to wake up in the night half asleep and fall down the stairs....


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