Thursday, 6 March 2014

After the Double Buggy...

So as we have the two babies, we have a big double buggy. I love my double buggy. It keeps both my babies warm and safe and dry, and is great for days out, the school run and everything. However, it seems that pretty soon, Alice will not want to be in the double - she will be three next and I'm sure that as she gets bigger she just won't want to be pushed around in the double with her baby sister. So what are my options?

I do wish that they could stay in the double. It has become my go-to baby item. However, we must move on. I can't imagine actually being able to shop without manoeuvring a massive buggy! Maybe it might actually be a good thing that we are my options!

Both asleep in the double - a rare occurance!
 Single Buggy

I could buy a brand new pushchair. I do love buggies, and these days everyone knows that your baby's ride is an important buy! And with my buggy obsession, of course I would love to buy another single. Just one more! But what would I do with Alice

Buggy Board

Maybe I could purchase a ride-on buggy board to go with the new buggy. I'm sure Alice would love this. But would I be able keep her on there without her wanting to get off every five minutes?


I could use a pair of safety reins for Alice. But holding the reins and pushing a single buggy might be more hassle than it's worth?


Maybe I could pop Rosie in a baby carrier and have Alice on reins?

I think I need to have a good think about what our next step is. I don't want to make my life harder, and at the same time I want the babies to both be safe and happy when we are out and about.

For now though, I have my double buggy and I will stick with that until I decide what the best course of action is!

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  1. I've been rocking a single buggy & baby sling since number 2 came along. Has it's moments - great when getting in and out of narrow doorways. Not so great when little one takes to swiping my face and pulling my hair cos she's getting claustrophobic. You and me both little lady! Good luck with your choice. I'm thinking about upgrading to a buggy board soon. x


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