Wednesday, 19 February 2014

What Is Miley Cyrus Teaching Our Kids??

Lately I've been reading about Miley Cyrus. Gone is the innocent girl, and I'd just like to say hello Miley the Minx.

She has been quoted as saying that she would like her Bangerz tour to be 'educational for kids.'

Miley, love, darling, in non-condescending and  absolutely in the most sincere way possible - what are you teaching our children?

* The Twerk

The obvious one. Do you remember when she was inncocent Miley 'popping, locking and polka-dotting?'

Well I do.

Now she is twerking 'like a like a expert'

In work the other day I was talking to my colleague and I said "Yes that form is fine, it just needs TWERKING  a little bit."


Not tweaking.

Miley is teaching me and my kids a whole new booty-shaking language - that's for sure.

* The Nudity

Sex sells, right? Bodies sell. Naked music videos are fine.

Teaching naked music videos to our kids.

* Sexuality & THAT Tongue

Too overtly sexual. Is this now normal for our kids?

Is it Miley's job to teach our kids anything?

She is fun, she is entertaining, but she definitely is no teacher. Not in the usual sense anyway.

Is this ANOTHER outraged parent call for Miley to quit her Bangerz tour (great name by the way) and put her twerking to one side?


I quite like her, and my kids know that twerking is not socially acceptable. Not in public anyway.

Is Miley teaching these tricks to my kids?


We talk in our house. We talk about nudity, and how silly music videos are. Also how entertaining they can be. As long as we communicate with our kids and can be open, then nothing Miley or anyone else does on the telly or on their tours can seriously damage our kids. I grew up with Madonna pointing her Bangerz in my face as a child, Salt N Pepper talking about sex, and another crap one hit wonder whose band name escapes my memory now, but they wanted to 'sex you up.' Remember that??

These are entertainers...not teachers.

What are we afraid of?

 p.s do you like my GIFS?*

*That's not rude. It stands for Graphics Interchange Format. (Thanks Warren.)


  1. I agree Kerry - i think its quite unfair that all this pressure to be a good role model gets heaped on young stars. look what happened to Britney and Miley already seems a few sarnies short of a picnic tbh.
    I think its a parents responsibility to be a good role model for their kids no one elses x

  2. WifeMumStudentBum20 February 2014 at 22:32

    Miley is a bit off the wall isn't she. Did you know that her Mum is her manager? I mean I have nothing against her, I quite like her actually, but if I was her mother I would be saying "No Miley - you can not lie back and stroke your flower on stage!"
    Or something like that xxx

  3. I did not know that no! Mental. I would also tell her to keep her tongue it her mouth , at least some of the time! x


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