Sunday, 2 February 2014

TMA 03 A326 Empire

I've just submitted my TMA 03.

Phew, pretty much sums up that one!

I had an extension of a few days, but had to get it in as the next one is due in three weeks and I can't let myself fall behind.

So the reason that I had the extension was because I had a small saboteur to contend with while I sat writing at my desk (AKA the dining room table.)

The best distraction in the world...
The Essay

This one was a compare and contrast essay. There is so much information and it is really hard to drill down what I wanted to say. I've read and re-read it so many times that I am not even sure if I managed to say what I wanted to say, or in the end, if I really understood what I said.

The last essay was a compare and contrast and I did well, but this one was really really hard. In fact, this is the hardest essay I have ever written ever. I am not holding out much hope for an amazing mark, but I couldn't have written a better essay on the subject - I did what I thought was right and I think that counts for something, right?

Extra Reading?

None. Haven't got the time. I barely have the time to read what I need to read to answer the questions. Although I did pick up my old A200 books to fill in some gaps in my knowledge on the Napoleonic empire. Napoleon was bonkers wasn't he, really.

TMA 04?

TMA 04 is a document question.

I love document questions. In my heart I am an historian - I love the real evidence, I love to immerse myself in it.

We can pick our own document. 

I have picked The diary of Thomas Thistlewood

It is horrific reading. Thistlewood was an English slaver from Lincolnshire who owned a plantation in Jamiaca. His accounts are absolutely horrifying. If you are interested, the Liverpool Slavery Museum is a great place to start, and of course, a lot of Liverpool's amazing buildings were built on the back of slavery - streets names after 'great' plantation owners.

This next block is all about slavery. History from below - the real experiences of slaves. This is my kind of history, this is what I may go on to specialise in if I can. I think it is still so relevant today, and it fascinates me.

I recently watched 12 Years A Slave - good film. But I preferred Amazing Grace - this dealt with the abolitionist cause - I read all about this in A200.

Still loving this course, love being a student.

Anyway, that's it really. For now I'll crack on with my reading, hopefully get to write TMA 04 pretty quickly and then onwards. I'll be updating once the result is in for this one.




  1. I have just handed in TMA04 for DD101 which was a compare and contrast.... about traffic of all things lol. I feel your pain.

  2. Just watched the sugar dynasty film for the slavery block in A200 and Thistlewood was mentioned - Glad to see I'll be seeing him again next year YAY

  3. WifeMumStudentBum7 February 2014 at 00:07

    I still have that DVD somewhere Megan. The chapter on slavery was pretty short - I've done with that already, it was really interesting. How are you getting on?

  4. WifeMumStudentBum7 February 2014 at 00:08

    I remember the traffic essay for DD101. *shivers* I really struggled with that course, I'll be honest. But - it was a good course to build up towards the others and the skills you pick up are pretty useful!


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