Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Shit Mum/Super Mum

There is a such a fine line between being a shit mum, and a super mum. I used to think that they were two very different things. On one side, you had the sausage-roll feeding, Facebook Mums, and on the other you have the Mother hen who makes pancakes for breakfast and wears an apron, carries tissues and puts plasters on boo boos.

It's not true though is it.

Does being a good mum relate to how many kids you have, and are you allowed to spread yourself a bit thin the more you have so that you can be a bit of a shit mum? No?

Just asking.

So today is a day off work.

I am up to date with my uni work.

I dropped Emily off at school early on, now I just have the two babies to look after.

Oh and my house is a SHIT HOLE.

Something has to give, doesn't it. How do working mums manage, when a day off basically means a day cleaning the house. Do I pay the kids much attention? Yes, but not like I should. Super mum has a day off and the kids sit and watch Peppa Pig for the day while I try and make sense of the mess in our house.

This is my current ironing pile. Why I've claimed it as my own, I'll never know.

I only buy clothes for myself that you don't need to iron. Every mum does this right???

Working three days a week, studying and having three children is hard. Fortunately the kids are happy and looked after, my uni work is good, work-work is good.

My house is a tip. this makes me feel like a shit mum.

I can't do everything.

How ridiculous to have a fleeting thought about having a day off work so I can clean the house.

There is a child's kitchen in my living room. A house inside my house. I have three prams, only one of them is real.

Why can't the kids all have one pair of shoes each, shoes everywhere in this house.

Can we use paper plates and plastic throw-away cutlery from now on, please?

I don't want to wash more clothes because then there is more ironing.

I'm quite happy to be a shit mum today. Super mum is having a day off.

I wish I could have a FRIGGING DAY OFF!

And yes I do feed my kids sausage rolls in the buggy on occasion.



  1. chantelle hazelden26 February 2014 at 12:48

    I think we all feel like shit mums at some point. I felt terrible the other week because I couldn't look after my kids when I was being sick, I mean I had my head down the toilet but I felt really bad having to ask for help cos we're mean to be able to everything right? like you said super mum. What everyone has to remember, including myself, is that we all need a break sometimes, a clean house doesn't come first. the kids, the family does, everyone needs to be happy :) x

  2. Stop the ironing, you crazy lady! I feel the same though: ooh I have an hour while the baby sleeps and the boys are at school - let's scrub the floor and sort out the scary paper pile. We are programmed to avoid fun! Roll on the Brits! (as I call BritMums - there is no world outside blogging, right?) x

  3. OMG I always feed my kids sausage rolls in the buggy! I didn't know this was a Bad Thing... They are organic, mind. ;-) Loving your house inside a house. I have a kitchen inside a kitchen. Both are a shit hole.

  4. Oh your not a shit mum at all! I don't have any contract work at the moment, not in school, so basically I'm a stay at home mum with a house that always looks like a shit-hole and as I'm typing this, I can see a pile of clothes that needs to be ironed today or else it will turn into another pile. Did I mention the pile of laundry upstairs? Oh dear, does that make me a shit mum? ;p


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