Saturday, 15 February 2014

Review: Nakd Snack Bars

I was delighted when given the opportunity to write about Nakd snack bars. I have tried these before and I must say I am a big fan. These natural balance food snacks are a yummy mix of fruit and nuts and are great as a snack, or a breakfast on the go.

We were sent a pack of these to eat, and I decided to take mine into work to share in our office. We do a health walk on a Tuesday, and I thought these would be a good healthy start to the day to fuel our walk.

We tried four different flavours. Apple, Strawberry, banana and cocoa. I like them all, except for the banana one, which was a bit too 'banana-like' for my tastes - I'm a bit funny with banana flavours. However, my work mates really enjoyed the banana flavour so I'm sure that was just me being fussy.

As you can see, they look appetising for a healthy bar! I find them quite filling and really enjoy these with a cup of coffee and a drink of juice for breakfast. All pretty healthy really.

Cases of these start from around £15 for 18 bars - which sounds a lot, but per bar it is really good value.

We are starting to get used to eating these in work now - I think once we have run out we may have to club together and get a box for the office. Definitely beats eating biscuits!

We were sent this priduct free of charge for the purpose of the review, all words and views are my own.

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