Sunday, 16 February 2014

Review: LivLife Low Carb Bread

I must admit to being a little sceptical about reviewing low carb bread. I am always looking for healthier ways to improve our diets, and new products do interest me. Carbs do lie heavy on me, and I do try and avoid eating white bread if I can - it's just not worth that bloated feeling. So when we were sent some LivLife low carb bread I was interested. Sceptical, but definitely interested!

We tried the seeded batch. I love seeds and nuts in bread, so I was really looking forward to this. To give you an idea of how low the carbs are:

Warburton's 5 seeded batch loaf contains 39.7g carbs per 100g
LivLife contains just 15.8g carbs per 100g

So there really is a dramatic difference in terms of carbohydrates.


The texture was a bit different at first. It is sort of spongy and bouncy like a cake. This was really strange at first, and initially I found it a bit odd. However, once I had a few slices over a few days, I actually really liked it. It was great to have with a salad - I didn't find it stodgy, but it was also filling.

The seeds in it are great - love seeds in bread, and the texture of the bread actually complimented the seeds, so it was all good! Warren tried this bread along with me, and we  mainly had it to accompany our salads at dinner - we are both fans.


The only downside was the price. At £1.99 per loaf, I thought this was expensive for what is quite a small loaf. If you were feeding your full family on this it would definitely be a dear do.

However, if you are serious about cutting out carbs then go for this. It's tasty and definitely worth it if you love your bread but need to cut down the carbs. You can get these from Ocado, Waitrose and Morrison's.

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  1. We often have low calorie bread and I haven't seen this one. £1.99 is quite expensive but now that I've read your review I'd definitely try it if it was on promotion x


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