Saturday, 1 February 2014

Re-Imagine Your Kitchen

This article was written by Amanda Walters, an experienced freelance writer and regular contributor to Huffington Post. Follow her here: @Amanda_W84

Your kitchen should be at the heart of your home, so how come many of us would rather trudge through snow and wind for a takeaway rather than cook in it? If this sounds familiar then maybe it’s time you gave your kitchen a New Year makeover and re-energise your passion for home-cooking.

Whether you fancy a complete overhaul, or just want to spruce the room up a bit with a paint job and some new kitchen taps, this guide will show you the easiest ways to re-imagine your kitchen and give it a brand new look for 2014.

A Fresh Look
To start with, your kitchen is not going to inspire you if it looks tired and worn out. If you have the budget and the time, why not go for a complete change and totally re-do your kitchen? Or, if money is a little tight, there are a few tricks you can try to inject new life instead. A fresh coat of paint to your walls and cupboards will work wonders on a dull kitchen, while a snazzy new roller blind or country cottage-style curtains could give the room a new identity.

Out With The Old
The rule here is; if you’re not using it, get rid of it! Our kitchens are often filled with useless gadgets, worn-out pots and rusty cutlery that we never use, so be brave and dump it! Not only will you free up space in your kitchen cupboards but you may also discover that forgotten juicer that you always wanted to try, or that pizza stone that your children have been asking you to use. You could end up re-igniting a love for cooking that you thought was long gone.

Treat Yourself
A great way to draw your attention back to your kitchen is to engage in something you’ve always wanted to do, like pastry-making or homemade sushi. If there is something you’ve always wanted to try your hand at, now is the time. Treat yourself to the right equipment and you may find that the kitchen is the only place you want to spend your free time. Or, if you want something a little more indulgent and with less effort involved, why not treat you and your partner to that deluxe coffee maker you’ve always wanted? That’s one way to heat up your kitchen!

Bring Your Friends
A full kitchen is a happy kitchen, so don’t put off that fabulous diner party you’ve always wanted to have. Invite your friends round for the evening and plan a sumptuous meal that will knock their socks off! Entertaining guests is a great way of rekindling your love affair with your kitchen. If you can fit a dining table in too then this is ideal. It means that you can chat with your guests without having to leave every five minutes to check on dinner. Cooking is also a wonderful way to reconnect with your partner; after all, they say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Why not set aside one night a week to cook dinner and try something new and exciting while enjoying each other’s company.
This article was written by Amanda Walters, an experienced freelance writer and regular contributor to Huffington Post. Follow her here: @Amanda_W84

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