Saturday, 8 February 2014

Our very 'normal' Winter Little Adventures Challenge

We were sent some yummy cake treats called Barny in strawberry and apple flavour as a part of a blog link-up with Britmums. The challenge was to take the bars on a winter little adventure. There are prizes for the best blog post. I love entering these, and I love photos and videos so this is great. However, in this weather, we don't exactly go on adventures...
And so true to form, I decided to post an honest piece about our Saturday adventure.

1. Our washing machine is busted and we need a new one
2. We love Kiddicare
3. The kids want a rabbit and they are not allowed one.

So quite clearly, we needed a visit to Currys for a washer, Kiddicare because we love it, and Pets at Home, because quite frankly it is a cheap zoo, and we can look at what we can't have.

So with this in mind, we packed our yummy treats in our bag and set off.

I had a sneaky taste of one of these before we left. They are a cake-bar shaped as a bear. I like the fact they are individually wrapped as they can go in lunch boxes. They are really yummy as well, we liked the strawberry flavour the best! The texture was quite spongy but firm at the same time - there was just enough filling in the little fella!

First Stop: Currys

Alice and Emily spent the whole time playing tag all round the shop. Delightful.

I have no frigging clue about washing machines, clearly
We picked out our washing machine and then got on our way to Pets at Home.

Although we insisted that there would be no pets allowed in our house, me and Emily weighed up the cost of a rabbit hutch.

I sort of said yes.

Warren is still stuck on a firm no.

Watch this space.

Then we went to our favourite shop, Kiddicare.

This is just amazing, I love buggies!!!
We also made a little video of our adventure day. We're just a normal family. We do normal things on Saturdays, and we have fun doing them. Every day is an adventure to little ones, even if it does involve purchasing large domestic appliances...

This post is an entry for Britmums 'Winter Little Adventurers Challenge' sponsored by Barny, individually wrapped bear-shaped sponges with a hidden filling. Find out more about Barny here


  1. Love your adventure! Even the most mundane things can seem fun to kids!

  2. I SO need to make a trip to Kiddicare! I've not been yet!


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