Thursday, 27 February 2014

Our Belgian City Break

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Cosmos are currently running a competition on Facebook for summer or winter holiday. It got me thinking about my favourite holiday. We've been on many holidays, but there was one particular one that stood out... 

Back when me and Warren first got together, before the nappies and bottle-feeds took over - we went on a lovely little holiday to Belgium. Of course we still had Emily, but she was only too happy to stay at her Grandma and Grandad's while we went galavanting for three days. And what a fantastic mini-break it was too.

We stayed in a hotel in the centre of Brussels. Nothing too expensive, but it was nice. Our plans for the three days were to explore Brussels, Antwerp and Bruges.

First we walked the length and breadth of Brussels. It is a busy city with loads of fab buildings. We visited cathedrals, little tea rooms and...pubs.

Lots and lots of pubs.

Belgium is famous for its beer, and its beer glasses. We obviously had to stop in each pub and sample the local beers that were on offer.

To be perfectly honest, this first day pretty much set the standard for the rest of the time we were there. We ate. We drank. We were merry. It was an amazing trip.

Bruges was my favourite. I absolutely adored it and would go back there tomorrow. It is a small place, almost lost in time - its old medieval buildings remain in tact, quaint cobbled roads and gorgeous little places to eat and drink.

We tried a lot of the local beers and chatted to a friendly bar man in Bruges. He told us that each beer in Belgum has its own glass, and that some beers even have a male and a female version. I found this fascinating. Since we have been back I have bought a few Belgian beer glasses for Warren as gifts to remind us of what a special time we shared there.

We had a fabulous few days. City breaks are my favourite breaks. I like to take in the history, walk around cathedrals, churches and buildings taking it all in. It might sound unexciting to some, but that's just how I like my breaks to be.

Having said that, having the three kids means that a summer holiday may be on the cards next. I love watching the kids splash in the pool, make new friends and have fun at mini discos.

We will go back to Belgium at some point. Maybe when the kids are older and we can recreate our last trip there. Completely relaxed. Lovely walks, food and drink. Just completely different from our fast lives and how we live at the moment.

For now though - summer fun with the kids is where it is at.

Cosmos are hosting a great competition on Facebook to win a snow or a beach holiday. This would definitely be something great to surprise the kids with this year!

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