Friday, 14 February 2014

A326 Empire TMA 03 Results

I got my results from my last essay, and it was a pass 1 again.

I am over the moon with this. It was a slight drop from my other two marks, and is a bit of a downward trend, but technically as long as I stay over 85% then I'm still on the way to a first class degree.

Compare & Contrast Essays

I was really wary of picking a question that was compare and contrast. I think there is definitely too much information to squeeze in and you can end up waffling into narrative. However, I seem to have got a grip with it. The last two essays I have done were compare and contrast, and I managed it. I think it's important just to stick to themes rather than comparing actual empires in a random capacity. I try to stick to my main points about economics, culture, military - or whatever angle I am trying to write from.

Random picture of Rosie 'reading' break up the monotony of my text!

TMA 04

Next will be a document analysis question - due in on Thursday, so no rest for me. I am quite comfortable with document questions, but the task is to pick one myself. I hope that I can pick out and analyse what needs to be analysed from my text, and do the source full justice, really. I already have a decent draft written up, just need to check over, reference and pick and poke around with it as I usually would do.

I am still thoroughly enjoying this course. Somehow (dare I say it) the reading seems less of a mountain than it did when I first started. That's not to say that I am finding this course easy - quite the opposite. It is a real challenge, and I really do agonise over every word in every essay.


What I am learning (aside from the material) is that I must answer the question. This sounds obvious, but if I write a sentence in any of my assignments that does not answer the question, or at least directly contribute to it, then it is getting deleted.

My notes have made a massive difference. I never normally take notes, I  just enjoy the material for what it is. This time I am organised, and I feel more confident for it. I know exactly where I am up too - it makes a real difference and I will continue in this way.

I am also going to work on my tutor's comments. I have a really fantastic tutor who offers lots of information, advice, extra bits in his feedback. I plan on really trying to use these comments - to try and really nail what it is I am doing.


"How do you cope?" x 1 million times. One tween, one toddler, one baby, one part time job, a house to run and a blog to maintain.

I don't know.

But I know one thing - aside from my family, my degree is very very important to me. When I get the email saying my essay mark is in, my heart pounds and I just can't wait to see it - each time convinced that I will have completely not understood what the question is asking of me. I can't believe that I am in my penultimate year. I feel like I got lost somewhere between motherhood and dimness, and stumbled into somewhere I thought I didn't actually belong.

Well you know what...maybe I do belong here and it is OK to stay.


Need to finish my document question, and move on to the next, which is another compare and contrast essay. I've picked women and slaves, and I have no idea what I will be writing but I am looking forward to it.

Love being a student, me. 


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