Monday, 20 January 2014

The Latest Diet-ing Craze

This is a lie. Do you like it when my post titles lie?
Well maybe it's a white lie. I am going to tell you all about my new diet. Don't laugh. I am a bit of a fad person. I tried dry January and spectacularly failed after 10 days.

But this time, this brand new latest diet craze, will be the winner.

I know I'm being all joke-y but seriously, this time I mean that I am totally going to do this. I'm blogging about it, and if I blog about it then you know that I mean it...erm...

Right, the rules are very simple.

I can only eat what I grow in my back garden.

OK, I'll re-phrase it.

I can only eat what I can conceivably grow in my back garden.

Fruit, nuts, vegetables. LOADS of fruit, nuts, vegetables. Now obviously I am going to fall off this wagon on the odd occasion. I am going to have the odd day where I do cheat.

But FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE my diet will be based around back-garden grown...STUFF.

Am I making sense?

Do I sound bonkers?

My body thrives off good food. Processed products clog up my system and make me feel sluggish. With fruit and veg I have so much more energy and feel just generally better about everything, even my mood lifts. So it's not really all about weight loss.

I have weighed myself tonight, and I will report back in one month's time.

I can conceivably grow grapes in my back garden, right?

Pfft. Yes, of course I'm still going to drink wine...derrr. See you in one month for the update


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