Thursday, 9 January 2014

Review: LeapPad Ultra

We were sent the LeapPad free of charge in exchange for an honest review. All words and opinions are our own.

We were very excited to be given the opportunity to review the amazing LeapPad Ultra. This treat came just after Christmas. Just when we thought we had enough toys. However, the LeapPad has proven a firm favourite in our house. What follows is our review of the product. Emily and Alice have been playing with this for just over a week now and they have really enjoyed it.

First Impressions

The first thing we noticed about the LeapPad was it's size. The high res screen is quite big at 7", but what I liked was the casing. It is 'kid tough' - and it definitely is, I can promise you that! You can only imagine how many times Alice has dropped it - no damage at all!


The LeapPad comes with 11 apps already built in. My girls favourite at the moment is Pet. In this app, they can pick their own pet. They then spend time customising it and then caring for it.

What I loved is that both of the girls played on this together, they both liked the Pet app and played on this the most. You can also purchase more apps to download if you want to.

Alice really enjoyed drawing and writing on the screen using the Art Studio - she has spent a long time scribbling and playing - I think it's great for them to experiment with new colours, and what's more, no mess!


The LeapPad connects to the Internet - but what I love is that it only connects using LeapSearch - ensuring that everything that your child views is completely child friendly - so I feel completely confident leaving Alice to play with it on her own.


My kids are really obsessed by taking photos. One of them is forever taking my phone out of my bag and taking pictures. The LeapPad has a camera and video camera and has 8GB memory. This is great - Alice and Emily have spent a lot of time taking photographs and manipulating them using the programme on the LeapPad. Emily has been making my face massive and generally messing about with people's faces!


The LeapPad is geared towards educating and entertaining children. Parents can connect to the LeapPad Learning Path to keep a track on how their child is getting on. I love this aspect - although for now I am just letting them play with it. Alice just enjoys playing, and Emily helps her with it and that is good enough for me. I am looking forward to Alice getting a bit bigger and more inquisitive - I am sure this is a device is one that she will use for a long time.


The LeapPad is really easy to set up. We set the kids up with their own profiles. The battery lasts around eight hours, and like any tablet it is easily transported. We have took this with us in the car to Grandma's a few times and it has kept the kids entertained in the back. There is also a slot for headphones - this has come in handy!

We really really love this product. They retail at around £90 (definitely one to add to the home insurance) - I think for a first tablet or computerised device for a child then this is fantastic. It seems like all babies and children are in to tablets and phones - it's great that there is one out there that is truly safe for children.

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