Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Review: Hotel Chocolat Valentine Chocolates

The Sleekster Valentine Selection Disclosure: We were given these chocolates free of charge for the purpose of the review, all words and opinions are our own.

We don't usually make a big fuss for Valentine's Day. As a couple we like to treat each other now and again to nice things - a book, an LP, nice wine, big bag of posh crisps...we treat each other quite regularly so we don't really go over board on special occasions. However, if we wanted to do something really special, and say it with chocolate - then these chocolates are definitely the ones that we would say it with.
The Sleekster Valentine Selection was a joy to review. We shared these out between us, (everything in moderation of course!) and we were not disappointed.

There are 28 different varieties of chocolates in this box - each of them with a romantic theme. I loved the colour of the chocolates- they just scream special. Each flavour is a different combination of fruit, chocolate or nut. The flavours included:

* Passion fruit truffles
* Strawberry and rose truffles
* Triple layer pralines
* Salted caramel cheesecakes
* Balsamic caramels
* Pink champagne truffles
* Lemon berry tarts
* Caramel pralines
* Champagne Bellini
* Chili & almond pralines

So as you can tell they are not just any ordinary chocolate flavours. I especially appreciated the fact that the individual chocolates were so big that you may only eat one or two at a time, it's a chocolate box to be savoured, not devoured in one go.

I really do appreciate Hotel Chocolat chocolates. I always find the chocolate high quality and the packaging is so beautiful too.

This particular box is costs £24, which is definitely more than I would normally pay for a box of chocolates. However, as a treat, and especially for a Valentine's gift I would say that they are definitely worth it. We loved these.

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