Saturday, 11 January 2014

Review: Baby Care Product Bundle

We were sent these products free of charge for the purpose of the review. All words and opinions are our own.

Over the Christmas period all of our girls were poorly. We still managed a great Christmas - but they all had illnesses of some description. Rosie had croup, Alice had a chest infection and Emily had tonsillitis - and to top it all off they all had conjunctivitis - all at the same time. So they were all on medicine and we had a long bout of sleepless nights. If you have kids you will know that awful helpless feeling you have when they are poorly. You can't really do anything other than cuddle, keep them fed and hydrated and make sure that they take their medicine. You just wish that you could swap places with them don't you.
Anyway, it was at this time that a package arrived full of baby care products. I knew that I was reviewing them but in the Christmas rush I had forgotten. We were actually really glad of the package having a family full of poorly babies! I will say now that I do not have any photos of my children using the items - they were poorly and I don't like waving a camera in their faces when they are feeling rotten, so forgive the lack of their pictorial involvement in this one.

We were sent the following items:

* Snufflebabe Vapour Rub
* Baby Nose Clear Room Vapour
* Medicine Dummy
* Sleepy Time Organic Massage Oil
* Sleepy Time Relaxing Room Aroma

As you can imagine we were happy to get using them on the babies. Anything that makes them feel better or just cheers them up is good enough for me!

Snufflebabe Vapour Rub

This is a decongestant suitable for babies from 3 months old. We rubbed it onto the babies chest and back at bedtime. It is a combination of eucalyptus and thyme. We found it had a really comforting smell, and was easy to apply.

Baby Nose Clear Room Vapour

To use, I popped a small amount of warm water in a small bowl and added three drops to it. The smell was lovely. The eucalyptus is not to strong, and the smell filled the whole room. Each night I left it on their window sill.

Medicine Dummy

The medicine dummy was really easy to use. I gave Rosie the dummy with some Calpol in. She does normally like Calpol, but because she was feeling a little but sad anyway she didn't want to take it, and she needed it as her temperature was slightly raised. I popped the measured amount of medicine into the plastic cap and closed it over the back of the dummy. Rosie then sucked on the dummy and it made it easy for her to take the medicine.

Sleepy Time Organic Massage Oil

I love this. I am a big fan of baby massage anyway. I used to do massage classes with Alice when she was first born - I think it strengthens the bond between parent and child, and it just enjoyable for both. I tried this massage oil on Rosie's feet. I had read that massaging a babies feet before bed helps them have a better night. Rosie really enjoyed it. the oil was not too thick and smelled lovely. It was easy to apply and I really liked it. I'm not saying that Rosie slept through though! However, it was good fun, and I will continue to use this and hope that she gets to sleeping through the night soon!

Sleepy Time Relaxing Room Aroma

I used this in the same way as the Room Vapour. I really thought that this was great. The lovely aroma fills the room, and would certainly give me a restful night's sleep!

We really like these products. They are a little but more expensive than I would normally pay for these types of products - but you can feel and smell the difference. They can all be purchased from major supermarkets.

And as for our girls - well they are all better now!

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