Thursday, 23 January 2014


Are you a gamer?

I'm certainly not. Not these days. The closest I get to playing computer games is writing this blog or making daft videos. You'll be surprised to know that this was not always the case.
Oh  yes, when I was younger, I'll confess that I was a bit of a gaming nerd. Me and my brother Bob used to sit and play computer games after school and especially in the school holidays. I've always been a bit book-ish, but when I was younger I was also a gamer.

There, I've said it.

Here's a bit about some of the games I used to play, on the good old consoles!


Circa 1988 we used to have an Amstrad. Do you remember the old green screen computers with tapes that took forever and a day to load? Sometimes you would wait half an hour for one to load only to find that it had crashed. They were the good old days.
We used to play this game called 'Chuckie' that was impossibly hard and nigh on impossible to complete. It was a platform game - loved it. I dread to think how many hours of my life I spent on this game!

Master System

Come the early 90s, things had stepped up a notch with the advent of the Sega Master System. This was a games 'console' and was brand spanking new to us. It was 'wired up' to the telly - can you imagine our amazement? We played Alex Kidd for hours on end, and it was all fantastic until...


This was the main console that we played with as kids. We had this years. The graphics and effects on the games were unlike anything we had ever seen before, and we had LOADS of games. I remember jumping up and down on my Mum and Dad's bed (as you do as a child) and seeing it on top of their wardrobe, hidden away for Christmas. Not hidden very well, clearly, but I remember thinking "YESS!"
We spent all the Christmas holidays playing Sonic the Hedgehog. Great days.

And Now...?

Well  now it's all about the Play Station 4. We don't own one, but we would like to. We have too much on at the minute to lose ourselves in games, but one day maybe there will be space for a console in our house. In fact, I'd bet real money that the kids start asking for one before long. Then of course there is all the accessories to go with it. Gioteck sell everything you could ever want to go with the PS4. This is definitely something that we will be looking in to.

Alice in her own world!

I suppose the noise wouldn't be too off-putting as I study  do the washing, we could always buy some PS4 headset so we can get on with our lives as the kids get on with their gaming!

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  1. Ohh I remember the Amstrad....My first computer I'm sure I remember the Chuckie game


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