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British Red Cross Baby & Child First Aid App: Review

 This is a review of a free App available from British Red Cross, as tasked by Mumsnet. This review entitles me to entry into a draw to win first aid equipment, all words and opinions are my own.

Safety is first when it comes our children. If you're like me you will be very conscious of keeping your babies safe and well - I am often heard saying "Alice - get down you might fall" and "Take some food out of your mouth before you choke." If the falling or the choking did happen, would I know exactly what to do?
The British Red Cross have devised a free Baby and Child First Aid App. I was really glad to be picked to review this by Mumsnet. Safety of our children is so important, and I am so glad that I have downloaded this app. It really is so useful. What follows is my honest review. You can download it free yourself here:

For iPhones and iPads - iTunes App Store

For Android devices - Google Play

About the App

The app is packed with information to keep your children safe. It includes lots of handy videos, information and advice as well as tests, a handy hospital finder and a handy place to record any medical information about your child. Once the app is downloaded you don't need an Internet connection to access the information, which is great.

I liked how each section was clearly set out. The app can be used as a little course really - you could sit and run through it and just refresh your knowledge on common child illnesses. You could also use it in the event of illness to look up symptoms. I think this is great - so many times I will just Google and frighten myself silly - this app is no-nonsense and offers real practical and helpful information.

The Sections


Simple and easy to understand advice and FAQs on 17 first aid scenarios. Videos, step-by-step instructions and animations make it really easy to understand, and the videos also hold your attention.


This section contains tips on how to prepare for emergency scenarios, from accidents in the garden to a fire at home. Sections include a list of tips and handy checklist.


This instantly accessible, step-by-step section gives you the key information to know what to do in emergency first aid situations.

This section tests you on what you have learned to make sure that you have understood.


This section contains further information about the British Red Cross.

Downloading & Use

It took just a matter of minutes to download and is really simple to use. I actually really enjoyed using the app as well, it kept my attention and made me really want to pass the test at the end!

I would absolutely recommend that you download this app. Just having it there is so handy, and running through all the sections every so often just keeps you up to speed.


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  1. This App is a great idea, I'll definitely be downloading it!


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