Sunday, 5 January 2014

A326 Empire TMA 02 Results

Remember when I lost all my work? So I cried a bit and then I drank some wine and stayed up all night trying to find it on my laptop. Then with just one day to go until my deadline, that was already an extension, I spent 6 hours re-writing what I had already done. Mulling over my primary and secondary sources desperately trying to remember which ones I'd used and what my argument was. By the time I submitted it, I was just glad to be rid of it. I asked Emily to proof read it and was just happy that it was gone.

These couple of weeks waiting for results had me convinced that I had just wasted one of my essay marks. Threw it in the bin.

However, I'll not bore you any more with the dramatics - I got a high pass 1. Not as high as last time, but I'll never beat (or equal 98).

So obviously I am happy with this result.


I was talking to a work colleague about my uni, and about how much I want to get the best marks, and how I just simply have to succeed. I really am like a dog with a bone with it, to the point of distraction. It is because whatever I do with my education - it is mine and mine only. Those essay marks mean the world to me. They are not just essays - these are the components of my degree - these are what count, these are my thoughts and the results of my effort. No one can take that away from me.

I found this gorgeous little snippet of info online about Christopher Columbus - someone posted it on one of the Facebook groups - really loved this. I like history that is accessible for everyone, it doesn't always have to be 'dead big words' - you know how much I adore Horrible Histories.

Note Taking

The main thing that I have improved throughout this course has been note taking. I learned the hard way last year when I had to re-read EVERYTHING because I literally did not take one note throughout the whole course. This led to chaos and a massive full-on cramming revision session. It all ended well, with a distinction, but what a nightmare. I promised myself that I would not get like that again.

So now I take notes. Not lots of notes, just maybe three A5 sized pages for each unit in my little Pukka pad. I write key phrases and add the page number from the module or unit next to my notes so that I can re-read as necessary. I do believe that my note taking is really helping me. It is helping me to think about the EMA (end of module assessment) - which is basically a big essay instead of an exam.

Outside Reading?

Very little to none.

I stick to the module material. I don't have the time, I wish I did. I have started reading Niall Ferguson's Empire - but it is very narrative and he loves the British empire, so it grates on me a bit. But I find that I can skim read it so it's not too bad - it's an easy read.

I've also been flicking through a book on the Victorian work house - I bought this myself for Christmas (don't I spoil myself) The Victorian Workhouse. It's a thin sliver of a book so is great for just flicking through - full of photographs.


I am just going to keep on as I am. I definitely want to avoid any work-losing drama of course, and I'm just hoping that I can keep up as I am.

I am still very much enjoying this course. The work load is heavy and the material is sometimes hard to get to grips with - I definitely don't read it when I am tired or not feeling my best. But...onwards.


  1. Well done Kerrie, i would kill for a pass one lol

  2. Well done, I'm pushing my way through AA100 and really enjoying it. Just wish I had a little more time.


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