Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Review: Cass Art Creative Products

We were given these products free of charge for the purpose of the review. All views and words are my own.
Cass Art
As a family, we love spending time together being creative. Alice and Emily enjoy painting, drawing and creating new things. It's great to fire children's imaginations and also it is fun to bond and make new things together.
So I was very excited to work with Cass Art to review their beautiful craft products. We were invited to choose two items, so I let Emily pick. She decided on the Mini Pop-Up Book and the Friendships Bracelet Making Kit

The idea was that the Mini Pop-Up Book would be used to make a story with Alice. Alice loves drawing, scribbling and pretend-writing, so we thought that it would be great for them both to sit together and create a pop-up book - each of them getting involved.

The Mini Pop-Up Book was great fun. It contained the following:

* 10 page hardcover book
* Colour-in stickers
* 10 pop-up self-adhesive stickers
* Double-sided sticky dots
* Instructions and ideas

The instructions suggest that it is unsuitable for children under 3, however, I felt that as I was supervising them, then Alice was OK. Emily wrote the story of 'The Aliens Who Came To Tea' and used her creativity to make the pop-up parts of the book. She then let Alice do some of the colouring in, and hey presto - the book was made.

I was really impressed.

I think for £4.95 it was a great pack. Both girls really enjoyed creating the book, and they spent around one hour on it all together. I will keep this book - it's just fab, and it's so lovely that they made it together. Can you tell which parts are Emily's and which parts were coloured in by Alice?

Next up were the Friendship Bracelets. This pack came in a handy hard tin and included the following:

* 12 coloured yarns
* Coloured safety pins
* Instruction Booklet for 5 Designs

This was definitely one not suitable for Alice! However, Emily is the perfect age for this. These friendship bracelets are a real project. The instructions were clear and concise and it took Emily a little while to get to grips with the technique. With me just picking up knitting again, I was fascinated with the way you twist and turn the yarn to make the bracelets. It is not just a case of twisting the yarn together, you make an actual pattern with multiple yarn pieces.

Again, I was very pleased with this kit, for £8.50 I think that it is a really good quality product for children, and it will provide them with hours of creative time.

 We had a really great time reviewing these Cass Art products. I did say that I was going to get a bit more crafty didn't I? And I am really pleased that we did - I actually really enjoy spending time teaching my children crafts.

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  1. I love the book and the encouragement to write - fabulous!


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