Sunday, 22 December 2013

Making a Ginger-Bread Christmas Tree... and not eating it

My kids don't like ginger bread. They might peck at it but every year it is just a novelty that we make a ginger bread house. We usually buy one, it costs about £5, we spend about half an hour putting it together, it sits in the kitchen on display for a week and then goes in the bin. This is ridiculous, I know. But they just like making the house, not eating it. This is where making this cheap, easy ginger bread Christmas tree came in really handy!

OK, I know this is not a conventional "Mum does baking with kids" post but so what. You know what we're like by now!

This particular pack was from The Home & Bargain I think it was about £1.50 - cheap, cheerful and just great for the kids to make up.

It came with the ginger bread shapes, make-up icing and little decorations.

Basically I just left  them to it while I pottered around in the kitchen. They really enjoyed making it, especially Alice who is just starting to get into making things and spending time creating.

The icing was really easy, while it is in the wrapper you just warm it up in your hands and it thickens.

I think they did a great job between them.

Did they eat it?

Nope. It's in the bin already...

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