Monday, 2 December 2013

HOUSE-Elf on a Shelf...

Do you know what Elf on a Shelf is? Well it seems that any parent worth their salt is well clued up
on all this. Frankly, I think I have had my head in a ditch since becoming a mum because I have never heard of it. Anyway, to summarise this really quite ace concept - your child(ren) are going to have a special visit from a very special elf. He could arrive through the chimney, land on the door mat. He just magically appears sat on the table having eaten a load of mince pies, crumbs everywhere. So the idea is that this little elf is causing trouble, or not, depending on what you want to do. And your children will be like "Oh WOW what is he doing now???" And it is up to you as the magical parent to decide what position you wish to put your elf in.

However, in true ME style, I haven't got an elf. So I'm not that organised. I only heard about this Elf on a Shelf thing the other day on Twitter, like I said, numb-nuts me at times.

So without further ado, here is my idea of Elf on a Shelf.

Only ours is called House-Elf on a Shelf. Yes, you read that right. Ours is Dobby the knitted House-Elf, of Harry Potter fame. Just being a general Christmas house-elf, causing strife around our house.


The House-Elf on a Shelf was feeling a little festive record was in order...

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  1. Sharon Blundell Rice13 December 2013 at 21:57

    I have been thinking about getting a elf on a shelf so many people having lots of fun with them this year


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