Monday, 9 December 2013

Britain's Best Blanket Fort...

This is our entry to Britain's Best Blanket Fort Competition with

I really loved the idea of this competition - mainly because it meant that my girls got to spend some quality time together.

It was Emily and Rosie who got the chance to make their indestructible Fort of Doom!

I think you'll agree it is the best fort you have ever seen, and we probably deserve to win the competition...

I had briefed Emily about the competition and she was very keen to get involved. She dragged three chairs into the living room to make the frame. Then importantly she put cushions and covers in the 'living area' so that the girls would be cosy.

She then carefully placed the bullet-proof corrugated roof blankets over the top of the chairs to complete the fort.

Rosie enjoyed the snug area under the blanket, and Emily loved the way that she could weave in and out of the area, saying "Boo!" to Rosie and making her laugh.

Alice enjoyed just sitting in there with her sisters. I love my girls, and I love watching them spend quality time together - creating, learning, bonding and having fun.


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