Sunday, 8 December 2013

Adventures in KNITTING...

So as you know I've been knitting. So I am keeping up blogging about this as I'm proud of my little projects.

First I knitted Warren a scarf, and took a really crappy picture of it, which you can find here. I have no finished Emily's scarf as well. This was a knit one, purl one ribbed scarf made of a mixture of two wools, a dark grey and a maroon. Knit one purl one was a right bitch pain because it takes ages throwing he wool back and forth each time. (lesson learned) Also, I can't show you a picture of the scarf because SOMEONE left it in school. That's gratitude for the hand-made, made with love gift right there...

So anyway, on to the next. As it turns out, my Mum is an even bigger knitting-nerd than me, and she has loads of patterns and magazines and stuff. (Mother-in-Law is chief knitter - but I never knew my own Mum was a bit of a guru as well - maybe ALL Mums can knit???) Well anyway, she has given me a knitting magazine and some wool and needles and stuff, so that's great.

My next project is a hat that matches Emily's scarf. So when she picks it up from school, she will actually have a scarf and hat set. I am thinking about mittens, but it looks pretty scary stuff - I'll see how I go with the hat first.

Hat will be sewn up as a whole thing, sort of round ??

As you can see from the picture, it's made up of knit one, purl one ribbing - 71 stitches across. This is for 7cm, and then it's knit a row, purl a row for 10 cm, then I'll start dropping stitches or knitting two together or whatever for the crown. I'll also make a little pom pom for the top - love making those, and I'll probably get Emily to help me with that as she makes them with her Nan now and again.

So - that's where I'm up to on that.

I have also promised Alice a scarf, and my Mum gave me some lovely baby pink wool, so I think I am going to make her one out of that. I have got that all set up ready.

Pink needles as well - and odds and ends of pink wool - might as well use it all up!

I really enjoy making these items. And I promise to post REAL modelled photos when I can. Warren is wearing his scarf right now and has nipped out to do the last of the Christmas shopping, hence no picture. I bet you think I'm just making this up don't you :)

If you want to read more bloggers adventures in knitting, check out Becky at The Laughing Owls. She has started knitting Fridays, and although I will be knitting and joining in, as always mine will probably written in a random capacity on different days. But I am well and truly 'in' the knit club.

Do you knit? Do you want to be in the club? Come on, pick up your needles and get involved. If I can do it, literally anyone can.

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