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A Guest Post: A Weekend With My 4 Kids

Back HomeThis is a guest post from a Dad blogger. I thought it would be a lovely change to hear from some of the male bloggers, I'm sure you might be sick of me banging on about Mum-stuff.

This is from Danny who writes at - Do check out his blog if you want to read more.
This past weekend has been tough.  My four kids live with their mum since we split several years ago, and I have them stay over every other weekend. I picked the kids up early on Friday night and we spent the night playing Minecraft and chatting, with 7yo going to bed at 8pm and falling asleep by 9pm. 11 year old was spending the night at a friends house, leaving just the 9 year old and 13 year old awake. I let them stay up late playing the game and they saw themselves off to bed by 10pm, both falling asleep fairly quickly. 

As it's the weekend, I don't mind them staying up late, and though it's not uncommon for them to wake early (with the 13 year old often awake by 6am, which is completely different to how I remember my teenage years). On Saturday morning they all remained fast asleep until gone 7am, which counts as a rare lay in. Any worries I had about then rising early and being tired all day were vanquished with the relative late start. 

We all got up, washed and dressed, ate breakfast and went into town, at the kids request. We had a couple of errands to run which took five minutes, and then had a general mooch around town, stopping at Costa for hot chocolate, via Primark where two of them got a small something which I paid for, much to the chagrin of the eldest, who despite not really wanting anything, still bemoaned the lack of a purchase.

After that we headed to my mums, where she cooked an early lunch for us all. A couple of hours after that we drove back home. It was still early in the afternoon, but by now I'd had three kids pretty much incessantly babbling for six hours straight. I feel guilty writing this in retrospect, as I'd hate it if they ever got to a stage where they weren't fairly talkative, but the day's chatter had been the mindnumbing type that only kids are capable of. 7yo had spoken endlessly about Minecraft and what he had planned for his world that he was creating, whereas the other two seemed to just vibe off of winding each other up. It didn't help that I was in pain with a sore knee and was snappy, but by mid afternoon I'd retired to my room just to get some peace, leaving the adjoining door open so that I could listen for any trouble brewing between the siblings.

Thankfully this seemed to be what was needed, as by taking myself out of the equation, I stopped snapping at the kids, who in turn stopped bickering and we went on to have a fairly decent evening.  11yo eventually returned from her friend's house, having seen us all briefly during the day after she'd called me to ask if she could have some money to go swimming.  She must have caught me in a good mood as I agreed to drop some money off so that she and her friend could spend the day at the local pool.  All in all it's a shame though, as I write this with a pang of regret, feeling that I've wasted time with them by being grumpy rather than being the carefree, fun packed dad I'd like to be.  We finished the evening off by having a movie night, which is basically an excuse to pull all the duvets into the living room, settle down with a film which we'd picked up in Blockbuster earlier that day, and share out a couple of bags of popcorn.  The movie was infinitely forgettable, but the kids enjoyed it, and ended up asking if they could sleep in the living room, which they always consider a treat (which baffles me.  Give me a decent bed over a floor any day of the week!).  By 9pm they'd dispersed slightly and I ended up going to bed later that night leaving two in the living room, the youngest in the hallway, where he had disappeared with a duvet in an effort to get some peace and quiet, and my middle daughter asleep in bed where she had crashed out quite early after her sleepover the previous day.

I dropped them home the next day and they were all fairly happy, citing the visit to Costa and the film as a highlight of the weekend, and no mention of the little goodies they'd got from Primark (a hat for my son and a pair of gloves for youngest daughter) which shows that it's not always about the money that is spent, but the fun that is had that's important.


  1. Aww sounds like quality time was had, I know that feeling of regret though, I work during the week so get limited time with my two and really look forward to the weekend then when I get to it I reel like I'm constantly snapping or looking forward to bed time, then when it gets to Monday I just want more time with them!

  2. Great Guest Post. Sounds like Danny and the kids had a fun time. xx

  3. Love the little dude's hat.
    Totally get the guilt thing of feeling time has been wasted by being grumpy x

  4. That hat is great! Also relate to being grumpy about kids just being kids and then feeling guilty! I think every parent feels like that some times!

  5. My eldest two sadly don't get to spend weekend with their father. I would love nothing more than them to have the weekend your children have with you. I totally get the guilt thing over being grumpy, I always want to say sorry to them for things getting in the way of fun.

  6. I definitely feel this way. Always want to say sorry, but then I think it's 50/50. If they weren't tearing around the place, I wouldn't be shouting!

  7. Thank you, sorry I didn't reply sooner - it was fun. Busy, but fun!


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