Sunday, 17 November 2013

The First Rule of Knit Club...

is that you don't talk about knit club, right?

Well, following some conversations with my work-mates, I thought that I would get involved in KNITTING. Yes, knitting is something that Nans do. But you know what, I really like knitting. I wouldn't say that I am an absolute beginner, but I am far from experienced. I knitted a couple of baby hats and mittens when I was pregnant with Alice, but I've not really picked it up from there.

A lot of Mums get crafty with their kids, or they crochet or do something creative. I always admire that and I thought that maybe I should get involved in crafting too.

My first knitted bits - couple of years ago
So I have once again picked up the needles and I am working on a scarf. I had got rid of my needles for whatever reason, so I bought new, and picked a dark grey wool.

Needles £2
Wool £1.49 per ball, I bought 2

So it is a fairly cheap hobby! I am hoping that it will just help me to switch off of a night time. If i pick it up for an hour a night, it should be finished in no time. 

I'm only knitting a simple ribbed scarf to start off with. It's 39 stitches per row, and is a basic knit two, purl two pattern. I was going to keep the scarf myself, but I usually buy Warren a scarf in the winter, so I'll knit him one instead. Emily said "Oooh can you do me one?" and Alice keeps grabbing it and saying "Oooh nice. Me wanna scarf." So I think I may just make them all one.

Here is my progress, I'll post again once it is done. It is literally a bit rough around the edges and curled up, but I am hoping that when it is finished and pressed it will look fine, I keep folding it when I put it away.

I am really pleased with it. I'm not the most patient of people, but knitting does require patience. I have had to unpick it a couple of times when I have made an error in the pattern. (I'm easily distracted.) I am sure that it won't be perfect when it is done, but for my first project in a long time I am really quite happy with it so far.

I'm hoping to move into something more complex once I have mastered  the basic stitches.

Rock, and indeed, Roll.


  1. Have you dropped a stitch k2, p2* repeat would be even number?
    Looks great, so does the hat and mittens :)

  2. WifeMumStudentBum17 November 2013 at 16:22

    My Mum asked me the same thing Jo, but the pattern said end on purl one, then just start again. I'm a bit dim at times so the pattern looked OK to me ha ha. My Mum said "so you start with purl now" and I was like "No...knit." So I'm ending each row on an odd purl. x

  3. yeah if you end in a p then you will start a K, it looks good :)

  4. I'm a knitter too, I post every Friday what I'm up too - not always my most interesting posts but it stops me drifting off from my knitting! Perhaps we should do a knit club linky!

  5. WifeMumStudentBum17 November 2013 at 22:53

    A linky is a great idea. I love that I am actually creating things that will hopefully be used! I plan on getting a bit more complex, but a plain scraf will do for now. I'll hae to check your posts out :)


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