Friday, 1 November 2013

Review: Beatrix New York Papar Owl Tablet Case

I am so excited to show you this amazing tablet case that I have been given the opportunity of reviewing. Say hello to Papar the Owl!

I absolutely adore this little case. The great thing about it is although it is a tablet case, it is not simply that - it is so much more.

The product arrived with a lovely little descriptive tag introducing me to the adorable owl.

She's a fiesty one!

I know I am a bit nerdy, but I appreciate the little details on products and this was just a lovely little tale!

The Facts

This tablet holder is compatible with tablets up to 10.1". It is has feature padding on the front, velvet lining and is also water resistant to protect your tablet. It is also free from any nasty chemicals found in certain products such as BPA and lead - which again protects your tablet. It has a double zip fastening for security and ease of use.

My Technology Journey

If you're been reading you will know that I have long been a book-nerd. I love paper books, and I carry them wherever I go. Still! I carry my university books to work in my MASSIVE bag, and I read them and take notes in my dinner break. I bet you are laughing at me now. But I did break from the mould and get a Samsung Galaxy tablet. I do use it, but I don't take it out with me. Well, I should say didn't take it out with me. This case makes me feel confidant enough to take it anywhere! 


It is obviously up to the job of carrying your tablet. The lining inside is absolutely lush. However, since using it, I have found that it is not just the tablet that fits in there. I put in my tablet charger, note pad for uni, some pens, and there is still plenty of room for my phone and probably a lipstick too...   

Deceptively spacious...and look at that lining!
The back of the case also has a handy name tag.


This would make also great present for children. Emily has already been nosing about asking me if she can 'borrow' it. Who knows what Father Christmas may be bring...

They do lots of other designs too, and these are all exclusively available from John Lewis.

Disclosure: I was given this product free of charge in exchange for this review. All words and views are my own.



  1. Amazing! Love it! Have a lovely weekend!

  2. This looks great Kerri!! I prefer my cases to be a bit bigger so I can store notes and stuff in there with them. xx

  3. I love this! I want it for me, may have to drop hubby a few hints in the run up to Christmas!

  4. Oh my she does look a bit feisty. Owls are always popular in our house.

  5. That's gorgeous! I love owls as a motif - this looks fab!


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