Sunday, 10 November 2013

REAL Mums Bake Cakes...

It's true that REAL Mums bake cakes.

I am TERRIBLE at baking, I don't mind saying. I am a good cook, I do main meals from fresh every night, but I am just useless at desserts. The best thing I ever baked was this steak pie:

I had a Halloween cutter in the drawer - hence 'Bat Pie' - Genius, don't you think?

So anyway, when we were sent some lovely baking goodies from, we were really pleased to get cracking and use this as a good opportunity to practice our baking skills!

Me, Alice and Em got to work making some lovely cup-cakes and decorating them with these adorable yummy treats.

What follows are the photos from our baking day. It was lovely - we all got involved and got really creative using the easy-follow instructions on the cake mix, and our imaginations. The Christmas decorations were just gorgeous - we really loved making these.

And eating them - they were yummy.

Here are our photos!

Disclosure: We were given the baking goodies free of charge by Cake Angels, and used the goodies to spend some quality time together! Thanks Cake Angels!

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