Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Moving House...

If you could move house where would you move, and would you stick with the same type of property?
We are in the position now where we are thinking of our next move. We currently live in a three bedroomed house and our two babies share a bedroom. Of course this is fine, and I am happy for my girl's to share. My main gripe is that the rooms are quite small and we have a lot of clutter, so sharing a room then becomes a bit more difficult. I would love to own a house with rooms that were just a bit bigger.

So we could opt for a four bedroomed house. Obviously we have a budget we're not loaded, but I think four bedrooms would be affordable. However, if we were to opt for four bedrooms it would have to be smaller rooms, our budget probably allows for a small-ish four bedroomed house. I'm not sure if that would be best - we really need SPACE! 
The other option would be to buy a bigger three bedroomed house. I would love to have two rooms downstairs, a bigger kitchen dining room and (dare I say it) utility room!

My Type of House
I really love old houses. I love beams and big gardens, real fires and creaking groaning staircases! If I had my way I would look at the farms for sale and pick from there!  We used to keep chicken in our back garden and we loved that. However, when we had the children we thought that it was a bit too much responsibility and hard work in all honesty, keeping the chickens and the children. I think that I would be suited to living on a farm. No animals though. Just lots of land and open countryside to stroll around with the kids.

When to Move?
We're not going to move out in the sticks just yet. We still have our kids schools and our work to think of. So next time we move we'll be looking at staying in the same area, just something a little bit bigger. I am really nosey and I'm always looking on the local estate agents websites to see if I can spot my dream house. I actually always do spot my dream house and then I am disappointed when I realise that we are not yet actually ready to move yet. It won't be long. I am hoping that next year we will be able to start looking properly. Watch this space...


  1. Oh I can definitely relate to this post! We only have one child (3 years old). We moved into our current house when it was just me and my husband (only have 2 bedrooms). We've outgrown it now, and we need a study! Like I mentioned, my husband mostly works from home (except when he has tutorials) and I do a bit of freelancing too. So a study is a must! We live in an expensive area though and don't really want to move elsewhere. But we've finally put our house on the market, fingers crossed we get our study soon! Hope you get your 4th bedroom too!

  2. WifeMumStudentBum20 November 2013 at 20:04

    Thanks! Our back room would probably be used as a study/library/music chill out room! I really can't wait to start looking properly. We have a few financial loose-ends that will hopefully be tied up soon enough - then we will start looking seriously. Our house is so full - we have definitely outgrown it! Good luck with selling your house, all the best!


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