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Memories of Kirkby Christmas Toy Appeal

I was going to write an introduction about the Memories of Kirkby group, but I think the words of one of the members, Billy, put it better than I ever could.
"Our group aims to provide that special gift at Christmas, for those who are disadvantage, disabled and most vulnerable of children. We support children who are refugees from violence, Disabled, and the disadvantaged children. We give those in care a voice and gift from Father Christmas.

We transform children's lives just for that one moment in time in hard times,

Children are always among the hardest hit. We don’t just help them survive - we help them flourish."
  So me, Emily and my friend Caroline have agreed to go along and do a bit of 'work' in the shop. I put 'work' in inverted commas because really what we're doing is only a fraction of what others are. We're just taking in toy donations, selling raffle tickets and making the odd brew!
Billy - just as the shop decorations were finished
The Toy Appeal is a great cause. The aim this year is to supply over 400 disadvantaged children with a new toy on Christmas Day. Last year the target was 250 - the impact of benefit cuts, the raising cost of living and other austerity measures have clearly had an impact. So the groups needs toy donations, and is also running a raffle. 
Through this blog I managed to grab all of these amazing toys from Argos' Dream List. I am so over the moon that we were given  these toys. We took them all in today - and we were not alone - the generosity of people is amazing.
A Great Start!
Emily spent her time selling raffle tickets - she did a great job.
She's a keen worker!
Lots of people donated money - loose change, pound coins - it all adds up. It doesn't matter how much or how little you have got - this is a great cause. Lots of people brought toys - some were wrapped with care and attention, and age labels written on - even batteries for the toys were donated.
I wasn't skiving on my phone, I was taking pics!
If you would like to support the Toy Appeal - please buy an extra toy this Christmas and bring it to the shop. It's in the In Shops in Kirkby next to the Health Shop. All donations, big, small - are gratefully received. You can also support the appeal by popping in to buy a raffle ticket. It's only £1 a strip, and the prizes are fantastic. All prizes have kindly been donated by local businesses - the information for them is below. It's really fantastic that local businesses are getting involved in such a fantastic appeal.
I'm only doing a couple of hours here and there - the real heroes are the committee who run the group, and obviously each and every single person who contributes to the appeal.
Committee Members: Tracey Gaines, Tony Barton, Nicci Richards and Billy Pickersgill

The Memories of Kirkby Christmas Toy Appeal have a Facebook Page should you want to join and genuinely help with this cause.
If you are a business who would like to donate to the raffle, please do see the Facebook page and contact through there. I will happily link your business on my blog.
Donations for the Raffle 
Kevin from Knowsley Domestic Appliances - a TV and a Microwave Knowsley Domestic Appliances
John Murphy of Knowsley Community Enterprise - Single bed, with mattress, headboard and delivery
Ste and Claire of Richardsons Furniture - Double bed with headboard, luxury 10" mattress and delivery Richardson's Furniture Facebook Page
 Lorraine Taylor Douglas of Grate Fireplaces, Great Homer Street - A gorgeous fireplace
Les Briggs, our very own Kirkby Artist has kindly donated one of his gorgeous paintings for the Kirkby Xmas Toy Appeal - The Cenotaph in St Chads Church
Christies have very generously donated a Make Up & Blow Dry package Christies Facebook Page
Bev's Salon in Southdene -  a £15 voucher towards a hair do Bev's Hair Salon Facebook Page
Kerry from KJems - Sweet Box and sweet bags
I have no affiliation with any of the companies listed - I am just offering some time and publicity and hopefully can help to raise more awareness for this great cause. Let's show our support xxx :)

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  1. We'll try and make it down on a Saturday - I still have a few Christmas bits needed for the girls so definitely worth a bus ride :)


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