Saturday, 30 November 2013

Knitty Nora...

YAY I finished my scarf. Not only finished it, but I started another one too! I knitted Warren a knit two, purl two scarf in dark grey. Really easy, straight forward and an actual working, wearable piece!

This photo is actually the single worst photo of anything ever. But I'm in my P.J's and damned if I'm modelling a scarf right now.

The scarf is lovely - Warren has worn it every day since I knitted it and that's good enough for me. 

So now I have started a new project. Another scarf. (Yawn) Emily and Alice also want scarfs, so I'm just using this to practice my knitting and get confidant. I am making Emily a knit on purl one ribbed scarf. This time I am using two balls of wool, the dark grey and a maroon colour.
The scarf looks a bit 'Harry Potter' but I like it. I hope that she does too. It knits up fairly quick with it being two balls of wool, so it will be finished soon:

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  1. Brilliant! You are the scarf champion!


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