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Kid's Hobby Ideas...

As a Mum, I want my children to enjoy extra-curricular activities. I want them to have fun whilst learning at the same time, and to be creative. All of my girls have attended nursery from a young age and I feel that this encourages them to mix with other children, socialise and have new experiences that perhaps I wouldn’t be able to give them on my own. Emily, the eldest has also been keen on getting involved in after-school clubs as well as clubs outside of school. What follows are my ideas for kids hobbies. They don’t have to cost the earth and you can even get involved with them yourself if you wanted to. It is so fantastic to watch our children grow and learn, having fun and new experiences along the way.



Emily did karate from quite a young age. She enjoyed dressing up in the gi, and learning the moves with her friends, some of which she had made whilst attending the club. I also felt that she had a sense of self-discipline while she practiced karate. She really enjoyed the presentation days and was always excited when she was presented with her next belt and certificate to show that she had learned new skills. I used to sneak into the class twenty minutes before she had finished so that I could spy on her! Plenty of proud-Mum moments with Karate!

Emily in her Karate get-up

Street Dance

Emily does street dance after school. A local street dance instructor comes into the school and teaches them a new dance for four weeks. It costs just a pound a session and the kids really enjoy it. The song is usually a hip-hop song with a good beat that they can really get moving to. I love the way that the kids really get into it – Emily even practices her moves when she gets in. “Look Mum, look…are you ready?” And then she launches into half a dance routine that she has learned and no matter how many times I tell her to “surprise me on the day” she still shows me! Last time I went to watch the whole dance I took both babies with me in the buggy, and Alice was clapping and cheering along. I was amazed that the kids had managed to put on such a fantastic show when they had only been learning the dance for a matter of weeks! What I found really fantastic was the fact that she had learned to do the ‘caterpillar’ – but she had managed to keep that one a secret for me and saved it for the big day.  

Although street dance is seen as a more casual dance, it’s really important to bear in mind that different forms of dance employ different types of uniform, usually dictated by the teacher. Some prefer uniforms to instil discipline from early on, while others adopt more of a “wear what you’re comfortable in approach”.

Arts & Crafts

Both Emily and Alice are really creative. Each birthday and Christmas we always get them a creative pack each filled with pens, pencils, paper and craft materials. I love the fact that the girls do paint, draw and create together. Emily helps Alice with crafting, and they sit (not so quiet!) together and make fantastic creations. We have a corkboard up in the kitchen filled with their work! Emily also attends an Arts & Crafts after school class. This really brings out her creative side as they experiment with watercolours and new techniques and art forms. I really can’t wait until all three of them are sat together playing and making a mess/beautiful creation for me!

Look at the girls' beautiful crafty creations!

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