Friday, 4 October 2013

Review: Twinkl Online Resources

 I was very keen to get involved with reviewing Twinkl - an online resource for parents, children and schools. It is a "one-stop shop for thousands of unique and printable teaching resources for EYFS, Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2, home educators, nurseries and more." I have to agree with them here - it really is a comprehensive website. It contains over 91,000 unique teaching resources such as work sheets and activity ideas as well certificates and signs and labels.

As you know I have Emily aged 10 and Alice aged 2. (I'm not too keen to throw Rosie in at the deep end of academia just yet!) Emily is due to take her SATs at the end of this school year, so of course I was very keen to try out this website, not only for myself but to show to you also.

 The Website

The website itself is easy to navigate and is very easy on the eye! The colours are great, and you can really get your children involved with picking out what they want or would like to do. There is also a handy search bar at the top - so easy to use. We chose some history activity sheets for Emily to start off with, as she is working on World War Two at the moment in school. This delights me no end, as you know what a history nerd I am, and it's great to see her really getting into it as well, and it also something I feel confident helping her with. Maths and science = see Dad.

What we looked at  

We printed out some World War Two activity sets for Emily. We used a set of activities that included a literacy work sheet asking her to pretend she was an evacuee and to write a letter home, and a key word crib sheet.

 For Alice we just printed off some basic letters. She is only two and she is not really ready for anything too much, and basically she just coloured in the letters - but it didn't matter - she was sat engaging with the sheet, looking at the shapes and discovering them for herself, and that is good enough for me at her age. I'm sure we will move on to more complex sheets soon!

Parents Section

The website has an excellent section for parents. Of course I am just a normal Mum, and Warren is a teacher himself so he sort of 'gets it' more than I do. But with this website it is really easy to get involved. Sometimes I feel like I don't know what I'm talking about - but these work sheets do give me a sense of confidence to get more involved, so that's great.
In the parents section there is plenty of information including educational guides and a section on special educational needs.


They also have a forum where you can chat to other parents and exchange ideas. This is really useful. I am a bit of a nerd and I always like to read forums and take in the information, it's surprising what you pick up.

Under The Sea

Twinkl covers a huge range of topics. An example of one of their more popular ones recently would be their Under the Sea section. This includes a range of activities and information for children including work sheets, activities and games, and display materials.

 Twinkl are also offering a free trial subscription for schools, which is really great. You can read about that here.

A lot of the resources are free and you can upgrade to a gold subscription or premium. It's really good value for money if you wanted access to some of the other resources and particularly if you were going to use this website a lot. Many times I have searched for activity sheets online for the kids, and it does take a while trawling through and you might end up with one with a copyrighted watermark on, which is not ideal. Check out Twinkl for yourselves and see what you think.

What - no photos?

I wanted to take photos of the girls colouring in and writing up their sheets - but they were being unco-operative. Alice kept saying 'No' and pushing me away, and Emily was in her dressing gown. They make the rules for their photos - not me!! 

Disclosure: We were given full premium access to the website for the purpose of the review. All words and opinions are our own.

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