Saturday, 12 October 2013

Review: My Little Pony. Call of the Cutie DVD

We were really excited to receive another My Little Pony DVD in the post. Emily and Alice loved the last one and were very much looking forward to watching My Little Pony friendship Magic Call of the Cutie.
Alice is starting to enjoy watching TV now. Not so much films - she has the attention span of a gnat I'm afraid. But she did sit down to watch single episodes of this, coming and going as she pleased. Emily was the main reviewer of these DVDs, so I'll be getting her opinion on this DVD for you!

This DVD contains 5 episodes, each involve the ponies discovering their own unique talents.

The Ponyville classroom, teacher Cherrilee tells her pony pupils about cutie marks, and how they are created. each pony must discover their own unique talent to have their own cutie mark on their flank.


So the ponies Apple Bloom, Sweetie belle, and Scootaloo, who want to discover their talent, decide to found a secret society- “The Cutie Mark Crusaders”.


The series follows the ponies as they make strong friendship bonds, and discover their own unique talents.

Emily engrossed in the action
 Emily said "I really enjoyed Call of the Cutie. Each episode showed mixed feelings from the ponies. When one of the ponies didn't get a cutie mark it was sad, but it was uplifting when she found new friends who also did not have cutie marks. I enjoyed it very much."


•Call of the Cutie

•Fall Weather Friends

•Stare Master

•The Show Stoppers

•The Cutie Mark Chronicles 

Alice tuning in eating her butties!

Available for the first time on DVD, My Little Pony: Call of the Cutie is available from the 14th October 2013 in all good retailers and priced £12.99. Certification U: Suitable for all audiences.

**Disclosure - we were given this DVD free of charge. All views and words are our own**

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