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Review: A Great Day out At Chester Zoo

So on Friday we were treated by SuperBreak to a day out at Chester Zoo. We love days out as a family and the zoo is an ideal place to go to explore for our children to have fun and learning at the same time. The last time we went to the zoo Alice was a baby and still in the buggy. This time was a whole new experience for us as Alice was wanting to walk everywhere, and it was baby Rosie who was being pushed around, seemingly unbothered by the whole day!
We were given a map, which made our day really easy as we found our way through the zoo.

What's the bid deal?
So Rosie was not bothered about the zoo, or the animals and shortly after this picture was taken she fell fast asleep and only woke just as we were leaving.
However, that didn't stop the rest of us having a great time, as you can see from our photos.

About the Zoo

Chester Zoo is fantastic. Not only is it a great day out for families, it is also a major force in the drive for the conservation of animals. They belong to the worldwide network of zoos which aim to conserve animals through research, field conservation, conservation breeding, animal welfare and education.

What follows here is our day out. Photos are mainly of my brood and the time they had. Please do visit Chester Zoo's website to find out more about the zoo itself.


We started at the elephant enclosure. Alice particularly loved the baby elephants and was amazed that they had bits of grass and hay on their heads. "Clean it!" she kept shouting. Alice was also very polite and every time we moved on to see a new animal, she waved and shouted "Hiyaaaa!"


We spent a bit of time looking at the otters. They have a viewing window now that Em and Alice loved looking through. It was one of those concave viewing portals, and Alice was a bit apprehensive at first, but she was sat in there for a while once she was sure she wouldn't fall through!


After this we stopped to have some food. We had prepared a packed lunch to take with us and found a bench to sit on while the weather held up. We bought some drinks and re-fuelled. There are plenty of little cafes, shops and places to sit. We fed Rosie and changed the babies. Changing facilities were great - Chester Zoo is really child-friendly, and I was happy with their amenities.


Suitably refreshed we headed to see the butterflies. It is a warm enclosure full of plants and butterflies as well as growing larvae.

Rosie was fast asleep!

I really love the butterflies. The enclosure is quite small, but I easily managed it with the double buggy.
We also nearly took a little fluttery friend home!

Good job we spotted it before we left!
Bat Cave

We also went into the bat cave. I am a bit of a wuss with bats. They were flying all around us, and we could see some of the bigger ones hanging from the rafters in the dark cave. All of a sudden I felt something on my back, like a crawling - my heart skipped a beat and I turned around to find Emily laughing and pulling her hand away. Needless to say I was not amused!

Walking Around

We loved walking around the zoo. We had picked a nice day for it, quite sunny with a bit of a breeze. What was really lovely was seeing Emily and Alice together. Emily was holding her hand and pointing out the animals for Alice and explaining about them.


We loved these. One of them was really cheeky and came right up to the glass to stare at us for a while. I was wondering who was being gawped at more, us or them!


These were funny. They kept having little spats amongst themselves and chasing each other. Each time there was a little kick-off, the mothers grabbed their babies and pulled them out of the way, it was really interesting to watch.


We walked around the aquarium. Alice is a little bit squeamish about fish, and kept saying "Urghh...YACKA" to some of them, but I think it was a size thing, she tended to like the smaller colourful ones!

We left just before a torrential downpour and were very happy we got out just in time!

On the way out I asked Alice what her favourite animal was and she said

" Tuesday"

Right Alice.

Disclosure: Thanks to Superbreak for the free entry to Chester Zoo

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  1. We went here in November - It was a great day! Great review :)


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