Sunday, 6 October 2013

Review: 12" Green Earth Wok by Ozeri

You may remember I mentioned I am working with Ozeri to bring you some reviews of their products. I reviewed their 8" frying pan a few weeks ago and confessed that it was my best pan ever. Now  have to change my mind - the wok is now my favourite - sorry frying pan!

You may be reading this thinking I am bonkers, it's only a kitchen item, what am I making a fuss for? Well, if you're anything like me you will spend a good chunk of your time cooking - so it really is important to have the best tool available to you - and this truly is a cracker.

The pan itself is heavy and sturdy. I have been using it for about a week now, so I've given it a good try-out. I have used it to cook stir-frys, bolognese meat. curry... I do make full use of my woks, so this will definitely be the go-to pan in my cupboard.
Pride of place on my stove!
As with the frying pan it is has a safe ceramic coating which is 100% PTFE PFOA free. What I found great as well was the handle - it is super-sturdy and is made out of heat resistant material - I found tossing my stir fries and meat really easy! I also noticed that any meat I cooked was cooked quickly and thoroughly due to the base of the pan that allows rapid heat transfer. The 12" pan was also easily big enough for us to cook a huge meal in - in my photos you can see the massive stir fry I made for our family.
It is non-stick - food literally slides around in the pan without the need for lots of oil, I literally just put a few drops in before adding the food. When it comes to washing up - it is so easy because nothing has stuck to it! I just hand wash it with some hot soapy water really quickly and it's good to go again.

Yummy Stir Fry - Yummy Wok!

As I mentioned in my previous post, I do tend to buy pans that are quite cheap and then I suffer for it later - needless to say my previous wok was one of those purchases. Absolutely false economy. I have had the frying pan for almost a month, used it almost every day and there is not a mark on it. With cheap pans, you get bits of the metal chipping off and ending up in the food, they rust, and worst of all - the handles get boiling hot and you wish you had asbestos hands!

I cannot recommend these Ozeri pans enough. I have well and truly learned my lesson with buying cheap pans - I would much rather invest in pans that will last me a long time and help me cook instead of hindering me! This pan can be bought from Amazon at the time of writing for £36.95 + delivery. As I have said this is more than I would usually pay for a pan, but it is worth it, you won't be disappointed.

Disclosure: We were given this product free of charge for the purpose the review. All words and views are my own.

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