Sunday, 13 October 2013

My Favourite Student-Gadgets

As a student I wouldn’t say I was gadget-obsessed, but I just like what I like. I am actually a self-confessed old school old-book lover. And by that I mean I love old second hand books, I love the smell and feel of them – I like running my fingers over the pages and breaking their spines.
However, we do live in the technological age and everything does seem to be more and more online or on screen.
We use less and less paper books and sheets and spend more time using our gadgets. It saves time, money and space – so it is easy to see why we do this. I have noticed that more and more of my resources for university are online and downloadable rather than being in books and anthologies. As my degree is in history, I have a lot of primary sources such as diary exceprts and maps to download and to refer to. Printing all of this information off would just be a nightmare. I have actually just started to get my head around this, so this blog is going to be about my use of technology and gadgets. Yes, I have moved on from everything being paper-based, and I am trying to download books information and read it on-screen instead of printing reams and reams of paper off and using up ink, time and expense. So here are my three essential gadgets that I use as a student. And of course, there is always a little room left for smelly old academic texts…

#1 My Toshiba Satellite Pro L380-17T Laptop

This is my pride and joy. I pretty much use this for everything. I watch films on this, read my texts on this, catch up with the news, write my essays, write my blogs…you name it, I do it on this.
The reason that I love my Toshiba laptop is because I treat it like my 'base.' I hae a tablet that I use when I am away from my desk, but my laptop is my little hub. 

It has a 13.3" screen with LED backlight and has a multi-touch touch-pad. I don't use a mouse anymore, but it took me a while to make the transition from mouse to pad - oh come on, leave me alone I'm not a spring chicken any more, and you know what they say about old dogs!
The battery lasts around 2 to 4 hours for what I do with it. When it comes to essay deadline day, I do tend to move it from my desk to somewhere more private. The laptop sits on what I call 'my desk.' In reality this is just a small table that it sits on nicely! If I am just working for a while I will leave the adaptor in, but I do like to be mobile with it - it is lightweight and easy to carry around. 

The Techy Stuff

* Windows 8
* 64 Bit
* RAM - 2GB
* Storage 500GB
* Weight 1.86kg
* 13.3" Screen
* Integrated webcam

#2 My Kingston DataTraveler 2GB USB Flash Drive

I have to be able to download all of my resources and keep them in one place. For this I use my Kingston USB. I put all of my university online resources into this memory stick so that I am not relying on the internet constantly to download all of the information. This way, I can take my work with me – and read the information from the screen wherever I am, without the need to be online. 

I also use this device to keep photographs of the children on for when I need to get them printed - it's just a really handy way to do it, and I love to use it for this.

The Techy Stuff 

* Capacity - 2GB
* Interface Speed - 480Mbps
* Pocket sized for convenience (as you can see from the photo I just keep mine handy on my key ring.) 

I honestly don't know where I would be without these two items. Even thinking back to when I was at college, our essays were handwritten, everything was on paper. But now all that has changed and I have changed too. Probably a little bit unwillingly, but we all have to move with the times. My laptop and USB make my life so much easier and I would be lost without them.

That's not to say that I have stopped buying pre-loved old academic texts...


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