Thursday, 19 September 2013

Review: Safety Reign Backpack from PfM

We were really pleased to be given the opportunity to review the Safety Rein Backpack from

Presents For Men, an online gift shop. The name of the website is a bit of a misnomer really - the website has lots of  fantastic Christmas gifts and presents for people of all ages and both sexes.

The gift we were sent to review is a backpack/plush toy/safety rein. I was really excited to be able to review this - I love the idea of a soft toy combined with reins. Alice is starting to want to walk more outdoors and it can be difficult at times. I do have a set of reins for her, but she never seems keen to put them on. I thought that with these safety reins, doubled up as a backpack/butterfly plush toy, Alice might seem more keen to put them on!

The back pack is made of a soft plush material. It has a small pouch for the child to pop a small item in to give them a sense of them really carrying something. We left this pouch empty for Alice, she wasn't really bothered about having something in it at this stage. The harness is easily popped around your child, just like normal reins. The rein handle is also made of plush material and is hooped at the handle for ease of use. What I loved is the fact that both the reins and the handle can be removed from the toy itself. The toy is also washable, which is great for us - Alice is forever dropping toys out of the pram on the floor, I constantly have plush toys whirling around the washing machine!

 We got the butterfly design, but you can also buy it in a chimp design, depends what your child is into.

We really liked this product. We spent quite some time trying it out walking around with Alice. She enjoyed it as well. She was definitely more accepting of the reins because they had the toy on the back. Usually when I get the reins out she doesn't want to put them on at all. With this one, she was actually helpful putting them on, which made a nice change.

She wandered around the house with them on for quite a while before we decided to take her out wearing them. Alice is not the best walker in the world at the moment. She walks in ALL directions and has little or no sense of danger, so as you can imagine, she really does need reins if she is going to be on foot!

The test was a success - Alice enjoyed the reins and so did I. She was safe and happy, which obviously makes me happy!

Presents for Men have some great products available. With Christmas coming up they have a great selection of gifts and gadgets to look through. I always struggle finding presents, especially for my parents and in-laws, they are so difficult to buy for. This website is great for gift ideas - the handy search bar at the side with links to 'Gifts for Grandparents' and other variants means that it is easy to search and find what you want - website looks great.

*Disclosure: We were given the product free of charge for the purpose of the review. All views and words are my own*


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  1. very cute! we had similar in a bumble bee design but somehow managed to lose it a few months ago - shame! :(


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