Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Review: Organix Baby Food Products

 We were excited to receive a cute little package from Organix last week as part of their campaign to introduce new textures to baby's diet. Our little package included a small fruit pot, a box of raspberry and banana muesli, a fruit snack pack as well as some charming little cutlery for the baby. The pack also contained a blindfold, feathers and foam pieces to blindly touch and feel - this was to keep in with the texture campaign - a lovely idea - Emily put the blindfold on and
played silly games with Alice for ages - but they did appreciate the value of texture, so I'll let them off!
So, Organix wanted us to try the different products and write about them here. To begin with, I love convenient baby food like porridge, muesli and fruit. I do cook my own, but sometimes it's not always possible, when you are on the move or just crazy busy - it's always great to have a helping hand and have products in to help you - the healthier the better.

We have just started weaning with Rosie, but these products were out of her age range, but that didn't stop us trying them with Alice. Alice loves her food and enjoys trying new things so we were happy to give these a go.

The Organix range is designed to encourage your baby to explore new tastes and textures, to enjoy and discover new foods as they grow and learn.

We tried the fruit pot first up. Alice loves mashed fruit, so we set her to work trying these! It had real apple and banana pieces in, easy for Alice to chew and enjoy. She can get a bit fussy with bits of fruit on occasion, but she enjoyed this. It was a little bit messy (eating is always messy in our house!) so the bib obviously came in handy!

Next up, we tried the strawberry and banana muesli. It was really easy to make up - just like making normal cereal. The texture is crunchy and it had little fruit pieces in it. It also has added vitamins in which is great to know that your baby is getting those much-needed vitamins at this early stage.

I also found it great that you can add as much or as little as you want with the muesli. Sometimes when you buy food that is measured for you, you can end up with a lot of waste - we hate waste in this house so these packets are perfect for just using every day. You can also make it up to the desired thickness, adding more milk or more muesli to your baby's taste.

Alice enjoying the crunchy muesli!

We also sampled the Multigrain Mini Puffs, which are available in November. These come in a handy packet that you can either hand to your child or hold yourself.

These were strawberry flavoured and are a great place to start with finger foods for a baby aged 10 months. These were quite crunchy and sweet - a great alternative to the usual crisps!

Alice enjoyed eating these too.
Alice enjoying the multi-grain snacks

We really enjoyed trying the different textures and tastes. Rosie has just started weaning now at 6 months, really basic baby rice and pureed fruit - I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for products suitable for her age range, especially once she gets going with new tastes and textures. I liked the fact the the fruit is organic and the food is free from added salt, sugar and preservatives. We all want the best for our kids and this is a good place to start.

 *Disclosure: We were sent the samples free for the purpose of the review - all views are our own. Alice had some great foody-fun!*

Organix Cereals (from RRP £1.99, weight 120g) are available at all major retailers

Organix Fruit Pots (RRP £1.99, 4 x 95g) are available at all major retailers


  1. I love organix stuff, especially the fruit pots and crisps. The crisps are so handy to appease a whiney baby when you are out and about. looking forward to trying the puffs when they are out :)

  2. I love organix products. I used them a lot when Cameron was little. Im glad to see they are still adding to their range for when new baba is born

    Thank you for linking up with The Weekend Blog Hop

    Laura x x x


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