Monday, 16 September 2013

Review: Baker Days Cake - YUMMY!

We were delighted to be offered a cake from Baker Days to review - who wouldn't be? In exchange for a review, we were given a personalised letterbox cake. A letterbox cake is exactly what it says, it is small enough to fit through your letter box, but big enough to share! When ours landed on our mat we were really excited - we love cake in our house.
The package was cute - the cake itself arrived in a tin with a little card and candles and party blower.

I am not going to write too much - the photographs and videos say it all really. We had a plain sponge cake with a photograph of the girls on and a caption. The photo was clear and the icing was absolutely yummy. Emily kept smelling it and saying 'Mmmm smells like REAL icing' ha - not sure whether she thinks we have been feeding her fake icing all along, the nutter.

The letter-box cake is great for a little treat. I think it would be really great as a little surprise present for a birthday or any celebration really. If you look on their website they have cakes for all occasions, and they can pretty much personalise it any way you like, including different cake flavours - sponge, fruit, chocolate - they even do gluten free, dairy free and are also going to be doing a watch your weight cake, so pretty much anyone can enjoy these.

We did feel a little bit guilty cutting into such a pretty cake - but well, needs must! The cake itself was moist and yummy - but I'll let Alice have the final say on that (I swear this is not scripted ha ha, the girl is a little star what can I say):


Prices start from £14.99, which is a bit more than I would normally pay for a celebration cake, however, what you are getting is a quality cake - I would recommend the letterbox cake as a through-the-post treat!

Disclosure: We were given our cake free of charge for the purpose of this review. All views and words are our own.

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  1. I've tried Baker Days cakes before and they are so yummy, aren't they? :) x


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