Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Rainbow Toy Awards - Our Toy Review: Tri Inline Skates

We were delighted to be chosen to test a toy for the Rainbow Awards For Toy Excellence 2013. The toy awards are run annually and aim to reward the very best toys to help Mums and Dads like us in the run up to Christmas. Each toy is tested thoroughly by a blogger, given a score and commented on. The results are released this year on 27th September, and we are very proud to say that we have been a part of this.

Our Toy

For the purpose of the review, we were given a pair of Elektra Tri Inline skates to test thoroughly and review.

As you can imagine, Emily was over the moon with these as soon as they arrived. Now she is 10 I'm a little bit less worried about her on climbing frames, trees, with skate boards and inline skates! To give you a bit of background, Emily is not a seasoned skater, but this week she has been working hard to change this!

These skates are a sturdy pair of tri inline skates. This means that they are three-wheeled, but once the child is more comfortable and confident with skating, they can be adjusted to a tri-line skate - where the wheels are all in one line. This was perfect for Emily, the three wheels made her feel much more confident when skating. She said that it was easy to stop herself from falling with these skates because of the extra security with the three wheels.

The packaging for the skates is spot-on. The box is small enough to be eco-friendly if you want to get rid of it, but great to pop the skates back into and slide under the bed - this is our plan!

What I liked is that skating can be an outdoor activity. Emily has computer games and watches her fair share of TV, but I think it is also important for children to play outside - skating is good exercise and any excuse to go to the park is good!

The skates are attractive to look at - Emily said that they are 'cool' and that her friends on the street are quite jealous of her new toy. I'll be honest, she's hardly had them off her feet for about three days!

The skates have a buckle fastening and the size is adjusted by easily sliding the shoe of the skate back and forth. They have a handy rear brake, enabling your child to stop when necessary - Emily tended to use this brake a lot!

The box says the toy is suitable for children age 3+. I would recommend a helmet and pads with this toy, definitely for younger children.

We're very much looking forward to continue using these skates to develop Emily's skating skills! These skates will last and will be a toy that is used regularly - as I've said she is keen to improve.

Our Verdict

I can't disclose our overall score here - we'll have to wait for the awards to find out if the Elektra skates have won, but needless to say we were very impressed. Emily has not yet graduated to inline conversion, but we are getting better every day! These are a great first pair of skates, I would recommend them. The RRP is £19.99 - they would make a great present.

I made a short video of our first outing to the park with the skates. She's a natural...probably.

We would like to thank Rainbow and Elektra for giving us the opportunity of reviewing the toy. All views are our own, we genuinely enjoyed this toy, and can't wait to see if it recieves an award!


  1. What a great price! Love the idea of them essentially having stabilisers while you get used to skating. They look lovely & sturdy too.

  2. That is a great price, and i love that the wheels can be moved as they learn how to skate.

  3. Oh what a great price! Thanks for sharing


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