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Our First Visit to Red Hot World Buffet Liverpool as #RedHotTasteMakers

A while back I made the announcement that I was selected to take part in the Red Hot Tastemaker Programme with Red Hot World Buffet as a brand ambassador for 2013/2014. This means that I will be sampling their food and getting involved in their events and reporting back here. From time to time I'll also be highlighting any special offers that they have on and letting you in on them!

So today we visited the restaurant - all of us together. Sometimes having kids it is difficult taking all three kids with us, especially restaurants so I was interested to see how Red Hot World Buffet could cope with us all! I was also looking forward to sampling the food. We have been before, but never in a tasting and reporting back capacity, so it was really exciting for us.


As we do have the double buggy to contend with - we are quite a force to be reckoned with wherever we go. It was clear from the way that the staff were so accommodating that this was not going to be an issue. They cleared a space for us, and showed us to our table where there was room for the buggy to stay up. Rosie likes to sit in the buggy as she is not yet ready for a high chair, so we couldn't fold it down. This was not a problem, as we all fit snugly. The maitre'd was just so helpful - bringing the kids balloons and making sure we always had drinks and water. Our waiter was Ankit and he was lovely - even when Rosie and Alice obstructed his view waving their balloons around in his face!


Overall the food was fantastic. The buffet was open for us to go and get whatever we liked from all the different types of cuisine. Chinese, Indian, Italian, Thai, Japanese... there is plenty to choose from. I think buffets are great if you have kids. My kids tend to like trying lots of different types of foods, and this lets them do that, they can have a little bit of everything and not get fed up. The food is also high quality - the chef is also on hand to make up any dishes from the options menu fresh. First thing was first though - we had to get Alice sorted out with a small bowl of a mixture of lots of food - I think her face says it all don't you?


Next up, we ordered our drinks. Me and Emily opted for cocktails. Their signature cocktail is amazing I would definitely recommend it. I had the alcoholic version, naturally.


The chef made us a fantastic starter - chicken tikka pieces with a salad and a dip. The coriander really freshened up the whole plate and the chicken was spicy and fragrant.


We also had some pasta - it was freshly made action man bow tie pasta (farfalle) with a rich cream and cheese sauce. It was divine - filling - my ideal comfort food!

We also tucked in to a wonderful chicken biryani. It was spicy and light and was accompanied by a yoghurt and mint dip, which cooled the whole thing down - it was lovely.


In order to complete our task as Tastemakers we had to make room in our full bellies for dessert. It's a tough job but someone's got to do it haven't they?! Here are a selection of our dessert photographs. Emily went up a few times for dessert as you can imagine.

Banana and toffee, chocolate mousse, creme brulee and fruit cheesecake
Emily's selection - marshmallows dipped in the chocolate fountain, meringue and chocolate ice cream
Mango cheesecake, chocolate mud pie, walnut brownie, meringue and carrot cake...COR!


We had to change Rosie once, so Warren took her in the changing room. He said it was dark and could do with a bit of TLC. Changing facilities are really important to us Mums, so that could be something to look at.

Also, there are only one set of double doors to enter and exit from so it can be a bit of a squeeze getting in and out.

But honestly, other than that I could not fault the place.

We had a fantastic time!
*Disclosure: We were given 2 free adult meals and 1 drink each for the purpose of this review. We paid the remainder ourselves. All views and words are my own - we are very much looking forward to more events and meals out with Red Hot World Buffet*

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