Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Open University A326 - Empire - Books Have Arrived...COR!

Wowsers. My books are here. I'll not lie - I am really excited to be doing this course. I love pure history, and this is what this is for me. Last year I did A218: Medicine and Society. This time I feel like I am returning to something that I love.
There are three pretty hefty looking books, a DVD, CD, a Visual Sources book (good old OU!) and a letter explaining that there is a lot more reading on the OU website...I knew it looked too easy...

So the course is split into blocks again, (good old OU) That's twice I've written that now. I have absolutely MISSED my uni. I love them. Like, really REALLY love them. The money I spend each month on the OU is worth every penny.

So we have:

Block 1: What are empires?
Block 2: How do empires begin?
Block 3: How do empires work?
Block 4: How were empires experienced?
Block 5: Why do empires end?
Block 6: Conclusions and legacies

Phew. It's quite a list. I actually know the answer to none of these questions and I am going in pretty blind. I just started Niall Ferguson's Empire, and it is really very readable, but I'm not even two chapters in - my summer reading has been non-existent, I've been too busy with the kids, with the blog, with everything really.

My first thoughts are that I am excited. I smelled the books, and as soon as I opened the package I said "COR!"

So... can't wait.

YAY to being a student.

I'll be blogging around each TMA time to let you know how stressed I am and asking for help  I'm getting on and to just say hello students, and share my lack of time issues and everything.


  1. That looks like a really interesting course. Im starting DD101 - Introduction to Social Science as part of my degree.

  2. Good luck - it looks really interesting. I would love to do an OU course to engage my brain again!

  3. I'm just starting The arts past and present (AA100) and I'm really nervous. I'm looking forward to starting but scared that I'm going to feel lost and not know what to do. Silly I know because it'll all prob be straight forward but the unknown is pretty scary. Good luck with your course!

  4. You will love AA100 - it's really great. Covers lots of topics and is a great place to start, I really enoyed that one. I'm always terrified at the start of each new course. I worry that I'll be the only one who doesn't get it, but it always falls into place. And everyone is always so helpful - have you joined the Facebook pages for your course? They are usually a great source of information. Good luck x

  5. I would definitely recommend the OU - I love them a lot! I am basically a walking advertisement for the OU :) not affiliated at all, I hasten to add! x :)

  6. Cool - I did DD101 as my second course. It was really interesting, to be honest I am more comfortable with the history modules, but I still found the material engaging and really interesting. It makes you look at the world around you in a whole new way. Good luck!

  7. I didn't even think to look on Facebook to see if there were any pages and now I've found loads! Thanks! I've been looking over the books I've been sent and I am looking forward to what it covers. I think my brain is just feeling a little under used from all this baby talk and I'm nervous when it comes to writing papers it'll just sound like goo goo gaa gaa! Lol. Just can't wait to get going now.

  8. You'll be fine. Just get someone to read over your TMAs to proof read. I ALWAYS ask my husband. He just checks over my grammar and I say to him 'Have I answered the question?' - That is the key thing for me. I don't care if my answer is 'wrong' I just think if I have answered it and backed it up with evidence, then I'm happy. Also, I tend to repeat typed words. The kids are around me and I just end up repeating the same word about 4 times in a paragraph. :)


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