Friday, 6 September 2013

Mummy Hand-Care Review Part 2: Bizzy Bee Rubber Gloves

When the chaps at Bizzy Bee Gloves and Cloths contacted me to review their rubber gloves I was over the moon.
As I have mentioned before I get really dry hands, and being a Mum I probably spend 99.9% of my time in the kitchen. (OK maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration...)
Anyway, I tend to wear gloves a lot of the time. Plain usual pink or yellow rubber gloves, you know the type. I always have issues with the fit if them - the lining is non-existent and they always ALWAYS rip or leak and I am constantly replacing them. However, these gloves that I have been sent for review are nothing like that.
I was sent the moisturising gloves and the pink polka dot gloves to try and report back to you my findings on my blog. I have been using these gloves for just over a week now and I absolutely love them. The lining is comfortable and thick - ain't no water sneaking in there! My hands feel really soft after I take them out of the gloves as well - with my usual ones my hands smell of that cheap rubber for a long time afterwards.
Bizzy Bee's website says that the gloves are made to make washing up a more enjoyable experience, and I know you'll laugh, but they seriously do. Not to mention the pink polka dot ones - they are my favourite gloves ever. (I do have a bit of an obsession with polka dots though, I'll be honest, but that's for another post...)

The gloves with moisturiser are £2.49 and the pink polka dot ones are £4.98. This is a little bit more than I would normally pay for gloves in all honesty. However, I think that these are built to last. It is probably false economy to buy cheap gloves and keep replacing them all the time - I can easily go through one pair of gloves a week, so if these last me a couple of months I am winning. I will update and let you know!

*Disclosure: I was sent both pairs of gloves for the purpose of this review, all views and words are my own. We are polka dot crazy.*

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  1. Ooh I really like Bizzy bee products but I've not seen these gloves yet!


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