Monday, 30 September 2013

Back to Uni: Internet – How do you use yours?

Now that the next academic year is upon us, I am now back to spending my nights studying (groan?) Well I love studying so it’s not a real issue for me. As you know I am with the OU and as I do distant learning, a lot of the information I need is online. I do tend to print off some of the things I need, but this is increasingly getting unmanageable – it is a nightmare filing sheets of paper, costs a fortune in ink and a lot of the time I don’t use all of the information anyway.  So I have decided this year to read straight from my tablet or laptop. This is where my broadband connection is really important, and BT’s student broadband deal is great – fast internet speeds at an affordable price.

While I am studying, Warren can generally be found watching the football using the BT Sport online option on our package. Needless to say this is a well-used feature in our house. Even Rosie likes to watch football – she must like the colours. Of course Alice has also been taught to say ‘Everton.’ Now that’s worth a groan!
If you are a student, check out the deal below. It really is a great service, and a fantastic deal.

The Deal

In a nutshell, BT is offering a 9 month subscription package for students with the option of
      38MB for £20 a month
·        16MB for £16 a month

I think this is really good value. We are BT customers and we have always found them to be reliable and great value for money. With the two packages you get unlimited connection time and fibre optic broadband if it is available in your area – this is super speedy so you’ll be loving that. On top of that you also get unlimited weekend calls to landlines and access to BT Sport online, BT SmartTalk App and unlimited access to BT Wi-fi.

BT is also offering a fantastic giveaway. Order by 31/10/13 and you will be eligible to enter the giveaway where you could win one of the following fantastic prizes:

*1 of 5 Ultimate Student Entertainment Packages, worth £2000:
*Samsung 43 inch Plasma TV (HD ready)
*Samsung home theatre system
*Nikon Coolpix S9050 Digital Camera
*Xbox 360 S Console with 250GB HDD
*4 Apple iPod Shuffles (4th generation, 2GB)
*£300 Sainsbury’s voucher
*Free broadband and calls for 9 months

Check it out and see if you could make some savings here, it really is a great deal.

*Disclosure: I am a BT  Student Brand Ambassador, all words and views are my own*

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