Monday, 2 September 2013

Back to School Uniform - How Do You Do Yours?

I've been reading a lot on Facebook and Twitter lately from normal mums and dads about the whole going-back-to-school uniform issue. Let's face it, it can cost a small fortune. I know that it's not all about money, and of course, we do want our kids to look smart for school - but the fact of the matter is that everyone has a budget, and some people's kids get massive ink stains on their shirts quicker than others. Not mentioning anyone in particular. Emily.

I'm going to do a quick run through of what we got and where we got it - I'll be mentioning brands but I'm not being sponsored to and this is not a review - these are just what we picked up as we went along. Emily's nan knits the jumpers and cardigans for us, so that's brilliant - they are a better quality than anything we could buy!

We're lucky in that Emily is still in primary school and although they do sell jumpers and items with the school badge on, it is not compulsory to have this on, so we can save money in that way. We also find that September can still be quite a warm month, so she generally goes back to school in one of her summer dresses anyway, and I don't buy new ones until next summer. I never buy for buying's sake - if she's not outgrown the clothes from July and they still look good then she's wearing them. You can call me tight if you want - but I really never buy a whole new school wardrobe, I just buy them as and when.

So here is how we did it this year. I am bracing myself for when I have to do this x 3. EeeEeek!


2 x packs of shirts from Aldi £2 each = £4
2 x skirts from Aldi = £3 each = £6
School socks - 5 pairs for £4

We don't usually buy our uniform from Aldi - to be honest I generally get it from Matalan or Asda, but I spotted these bargains and I just couldn't resist.


Lunch box £6.

Emily picked this out herself. It's a Thermos one and has a drinking bottle attached so I was happy that she picked this - I thought she was going to go for the attractive but not practical 1Direction bags.


Pencil Case £1
Various Pens/Pencils £2

I love Poundland for things like this - I'll go back and replace these quite often as they run out or she lends them to her friends and doesn't get them back. It's not only my children that do this right??

 TK Maxx

Brogues £18
Shoes £18

These are my real bargains. Because I saved my pennies on the uniform I bought her two pairs of shoes. The shoes are Hush Puppies and should have been £40 but I grabbed my bargain while it was there! Emily loves brogues as she is a bit of a tomboy - these were also reduced from £40. I've never bought school shoes from TK Maxx before, but we just happened to see these as we were shopping and I couldn't resist.


2 x Plain white t-shirts - £5 but they do a student discount so it was £4.50

These will do her for PE. Again, I'll probably have to replace these more than once in the school year as she will most definitely ruin them with mud or whatever it is she plays in.

So all together our little lot came to £63.50 for one child. Anything I have not mentioned like trainers or shorts - she already has them. I think that was a pretty thrifty spend, and she will look smart - for the first day at least!

So that's our school uniform haul for this year.

How do you do yours?


  1. Chelsea begged for brogues last year, we spent over £40 at clarks.....few weeks down the line she hates said brogues. The now keep the other junk company at the bottom of her wardrobe.

  2. WifeMumStudentBum2 September 2013 at 16:16

    Typical, Joanne that's exactly what Em is like.

  3. We never let her pick this year. Kids and their shoes grrr

  4. I'd usually get pinafores and trousers from places like Matalan. They are great prices and have a fab selection. The shoes I got from Asda living! This time with anti scuff toes, as my two if given half the chance would come home on day one with scuffs. Nothing annoys me more, lol. As for the polo shirts and jumpers, we have to buy ours from the school {EXPENSIVE!} urks me as alot of people can pick up several cardigans, polos for what I'd spend on one polo and one jumper :( x

  5. WifeMumStudentBum3 September 2013 at 09:14

    We're lucky that the school clothes are not compulsory - but it will be next year when she goes to secondary, I best start saving!

  6. I wonder why some are and some are not! I'm dreading high school - its soooooo expensive!!

  7. My biggest problem this year was a son with size 9 (adult ) feet so very expensive school shoes !

  8. WifeMumStudentBum5 September 2013 at 19:31


  9. Love, love, love her brogues!
    I had to buy Ben new polo shirts (M&S pre summer with 20% off so a bargain) and he needed new trousers but I couldn't get his usual skinny fit ones from Next and had a last minute panic round the supermarkets eventually ending up with some from Tesco which are massive on my skinny little dude so think will have to get him some extras from Next in a few weeks. He went back in his old shoes but needs more when Daddy gets paid next weekend!

  10. Elizabeth Townson6 September 2013 at 21:28

    Screams!! Mine are only three and one- cant believe you have to buy so much stuff!

  11. I was lucky and Asda gave me uniform this year! both kids have logo uniform that I bought to grow into. son has had his for 2 years already and it still fits as bought big... he also has some of his sister's as spare as i have just let her have new bigger jumper for last 2 years of primary. shoes from Clarks outlet so saves £10 on full price.

  12. Very organised!


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