Wednesday, 7 August 2013

WMSB is...A Red Hot Buffet World Tastemaker for 2013/2014... and Blog Notes

This is ACE news. Put basically, we have been picked to be a brand ambassador for Red Hot Buffet World. They run this every year, and select bloggers to represent them. So what this means is that I get to be like that fella out of Masterchef with the big gob, and say stuff like this...

Well, maybe not like that. But I get to go with my family including the little terrors, check out new recipes, dishes and promotions and then hop skip and jump back here to tell you all about it, feedback to them and let you know of any promotional deals that are going on. They also run events for bloggers and reviewers, so I'll get to meet new blogging people, which is great because sometimes blogging can be lonely hence my 'I love comments' badge!

As a family we have visited Red Hot Buffet World a few times in Liverpool. I really like the 'pick what you like' element of the restaurant. My kids are not mega fussy eaters, but Emily can be a bit picky sometimes. So it's always great that she can pick lots of little small dishes and put them in whatever combination she likes. Also, you know when you go to an all you can eat and you come out feeling FAT and not PHAT. Well, I find that with Red Hot I never feel like that - but maybe I do actually make good life choices like the yummy salads they have.

So, I just wanted to let you know my exciting news. Me and Emily have decided to go together maybe next week or the week after, so we will be reporting back once we have been - with loads of photos of food and I'm sure some anecdotal oddments as per usual. I'm trying to spend some mother/daughter time with Em as she tends to get a bit marginalised with the younger two demanding so much of our attention. So, that's that! Exciting times!

Special Offer

As part of the taste maker campaign, if you book online here kids under 16 eat half price. This is a really great deal, so if you're heading to town any time soon book first and take advantage of the offer.

Notes on the blog...

I originally started WMSB as a university information blog type thing. As a student it always helps me to read other people's experiences and I wanted to help others. Then I realised that 'hmmm I do have life/mother skills, maybe I can help people like that.' Then I wanted to make people laugh and have fun making videos. Now I'm doing days out and product reviews and it's all going a bit busy on the blog!

What I'm saying is, I want to do all of these things at once. What I don't want to do is review things that are irrelevant - my main concern is that these things are of interest, so do let me know your feedback. I WILL NEVER recommend a product or a service that is bad. I aim to work with brands or places that I genuinely believe are of interest and or value to you, the reader. All views will always be my own. If I do run a sponsored post then I will be up front and honest about it.

I am aiming to work with some charities hopefully in the future, and if you have an idea for a blog post or a collaboration or anything you might like me to get involved with just send me a message. Hopefully I'll be getting involved with some work in the local community at some point as well.
WMSB is growing and if I can be of use anywhere then I would love to get involved.

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  1. Yay! maybe we will all meet up at a session x


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