Wednesday, 14 August 2013

What We Grow... In Our Normal Family Back Garden

I wouldn't say we are real gardeners or anything. In fact, I am fairly useless when it comes to the garden - rightly or wrongly I believe that I am so busy in and around the damn house that I just haven't got the time to be bothered about what goes on in the garden. This is a silly attitude I know, but it is one that suits me. Therefore, it is my poor long-suffering husband who does the garden and grows the stuff. So really, my disclosure here is that in fact, I grow none of these things. I just cook with them and then moan. Like any normal wife, really.

So pictured below are what 'we' grow. They are all really simple. We have a normal back garden, we don't have anything special to make things grow or buy expensive pots or plant food. It's all really straight forward and easily do-able. I often send the kids out to pick Rosemary or whatever and it just involves the whole family and makes them realise that not everything is bought from Iceland. Or Aldi.


How to Grow: This was grown from seed and has been there for about two years now.

What to do: I just take a few of the leaves, cut them up and throw them on the Sunday roast spuds just before I whack them in the oven.

Oregano (left) & Thyme (right)

How to Grow: These were both grown from seeds.

What to do: Oregano - we chuck this in pasta sauces or in a one-pot chicken, chorizo and veg bake that I cook. (I'll post the recipe for that one, it's dead easy, dead healthy and yummy.)

Thyme: To be honest I don't use this one as much as I would like. I have used it with chicken, but I've never made anything special with it - maybe I'll try it soon and report back.


How to Grow: We grew some from seeds, but then Alice decided that her grubby fingers would wreck the green-fingers of Warren. (She trashed the lot.) So this particular bush was grown from a pot from Asda - 58p - we planted it and it has just flourished.

What to do: This is one of my favourites. Pasta sauces, salads, or just with tomato and mozzarella cheese on a Melba toast. Omnomnom.


How to Grow: Grown from seeds - these are not quite ready yet as the leaves are still green. The bulbs grown underneath and are ready once the leaves have turned brown.

What to do: Are you kidding? We have garlic in EVERYTHING you can smell us coming a mile off - can't wait for these bulbs to make an appearance!


How to grow: Grown from seeds

What to do: I put the mint in a mortar and ground it with olive oil to put on lamb - but mint is one I still need to experiment with to be honest. I suppose you could just add some chopped mint to ice cream. Yumyum!


How to Grow: Grown from seeds. Oh and can you spot the gnome hiding...?

What to do: I have never used the sage. It just keeps growing and growing. I need to make my own stuffing actually, but my blender has blown a fuse so I can't make the breadcrumbs to go with it, but once I've bought a new one I'm definitely going to try that.


How to Grow: These were grown from the off shoots from last year's lot. Clearly strawberries are out of season now, hence the plant looking a bit sad, but it should be all up and running in time for the next lot!

So, there you have it. This is what we grow. Warren waters the plants, the kids help with weeding and I stand at the kitchen window watching and tut-tutting at them messing around outside when clearly there are SO many other jobs to be getting on with inside...

Warren used a 'Grow Your Own Food' book to get started with this little lot a couple of years back. Oddly it has no author it is just published by Parragon Books 2010, created and produced by Ivy Contract - he recommends the book.

*All views are my own. Any brands mentioned are just mentioned, I have no affiliation with anything mentioned on this page.*


  1. That's a fab range of stuff - I was just thinking yesterday that I should get some herbs planted. Can you dry them as well? Here via #mntbc

  2. WifeMumStudentBum17 August 2013 at 19:54

    Ooh I've never dried them, might have to look up how to do that. I have freezed them - to be honest you do lose a bit of the quality. Drying is a great idea.

  3. Think there was a post on A Girl called Jack today about drying herbs :)


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