Sunday, 18 August 2013

What Makes You A Parent?

I've been thinking about this for a bit now. Quite clearly having three girls makes me a parent. But believe it or not I don't actually always feel like one. How are we expected to feel as parents anyway? I still feel like I am about 12 most of the time, and my kids are just like little people who I live with and do jobs for. But every now and again, I am reminded that yes, I actually am a parent. I am a mother with responsibilities and duties to my kids. To be at the very most a role model for my kids to look up to, and at the least, well a maid-type doing washing and ironing and cleaning up wrinkled, smelly socks screwed up hidden under the beds.

So I have compiled a short list of times when I do feel like a parent and when all of the 'Mum' in me comes out and says 'HIYA' dead loud in my face.

1. School plays and assemblies

Do you cry at your kids' school plays - even when they only have one line and they might fluff it up a little bit? Do you remember all your kids' lines and arrive an hour early to try and get the best seat in the hall? Well, this is me. And this makes me feel like a real mum every time.

That was the BEST performance EVER!!! My child is a frigging STAR!

 2. Tea

We like to sit and eat tea all together at the table. It's not the actual sitting together and talking about our day that makes me feel like a parent, because, frankly half the time is spent shoving food in our faces and making stupid jokes. Like if we have egg, then we'll make loads of words up with 'egg' in. Like 'oooh what an EGG-citing day I've had today' and we just drag that out until we're bored. Well, anyway, it's not the sitting together that makes me feel like a parent, it's the actual cooking. Especially  if I do a roast and I make gravy. Making gravy is a particularly grown-up activity and it always makes me feel very mumsy. Oh and everyone stuffing their face and clean plates also make me a happy mum.


3. Pegging out the washing

Pegging out the washing is one of the greatest Mum-jobs ever. I love the feeling of a job well done, the smell of Lenor on the clothes and pegging out all the different sized sleep suits, pyjamas and pretty dresses. (with tomato ketchup stains not washed out yet - let's face it.) I always think the little sleep suits look like little upside-down children blowing in the wind, and this makes me smirk.

Help - there's an upside-down baby hanging on my washing line!

4. Writing in The Diary

Everyone has a mum-diary, right? A week-to-view little book that has every appointment, every job, even every time the baby does a poop written down. OK maybe not THAT detailed, but you know what I mean. Well, I could take any random week of the year in my diary, look at it and instantly feel like a parent. YAWN.

5. Sitting down to a glass of wine

Do you ever make that noise when everything is done and you sit down. That 'eeee' sound. Or maybe it's more like and 'ahhhh'. Well anyway, when I sit down after a long day of work, uni, cleaning, running around after the kids, or whatever it is. Well that is when I feel like a mum. A really ace one that has managed to survive the day and is being rewarded with a big glass of wine. Or two.

"I'd like to thank you for this award...."

So, what makes you feel like a parent? Do you just ALWAYS feel like one? Maybe I should be more like a parent all the time. But I'm not going to air ALL of my feelings of guilt and feeling of failure at being a parent here, maybe that's for another post, or maybe I'll just get on with it and not judge myself. Yep, that's the answer. Happy parenting folks, always.


  1. The hands that are tightly gripped around my legs whenever I am in a rush reminds me that I am a parent, or is it the 5am recorder practice that reminds me, or maybe it is the smell of poo and the sound of your turn that reminds me that I am a parent.

  2. WifeMumStudentBum18 August 2013 at 20:14

    Ha - always the smell of poop!

  3. Refereeing between squabbles..definitely makes me feel like a parent.
    Moaning about having to do everything just like the little red hen - that is me repeating my own mother word for word - scary!
    planning Christmas and Holidays - that's a lovely parental feeling
    loved your blog.. glad I am not the only one to feel like an impostor parent most of the time - I am so rubbish most of the time I am at the back of the hall at all school performances!

  4. Beth MusingHousewife26 August 2013 at 23:33

    I'm totally with you on the making gravy... and very often, I sit back after the meal and give myself a little tap on the back for being so grown up!


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