Monday, 12 August 2013

Select Specs - I have brand spanking new specs! - Review

As you may have noticed in my previous posts/photos and videos, my glasses are all broken and horrible. They literally fall off my face when I lean over, and all the arms are stretched and bent beyond repair.

My Eyes

I usually like to have two or three pairs of fairly cheap glasses around so that I can always...well...see. My eyes are completely useless. My left one is -6.00 and my right one is -5.75, I also have stigmatism in my right eye. I have no idea what all of this means, but I only know that I literally can not see without my specs or my contact lenses. Thankfully, (so far) our kids have good vision, and I hope they stay that way!


I wear contacts whenever I am going somewhere. I always look at my contacts as being for best, so I tend to wear my glasses most days, especially while I am on maternity leave. The kids just love to pull my glasses off my face. The arms are constantly being bent back, scratched and messed with. So you can see how easy it is for them to get in the state that they are.
I have always tended to buy specs on the cheaper end of the scale. I KNOW that my kids are going to have off with them. I have had designer glasses that have been wrecked before, and so I just tend to buy quite low priced ones. I would normally spend around £30 for a pair from my opticians.


So I was chuffed when sent me pair from their value range, free of charge to review on my blog. I know that glasses are not so exciting to review, but honestly, glasses are actually a big part of my day - I mean, what would I do without them??


Selectspecs website is easy to use. First of all I got my prescription from my opticians. Always do this if you are going to order glasses online, you don't want to damage or strain your eyes. I then used the easy order form on selectspecs website to order my glasses with the correct prescription. They don't only do value glasses, they also stock designers like Prada and Bench, so you may well get a bargain here if that is what you're after.
There is a wide selection of glasses; full rimmed, semi-rimmed, rimless. Whatever you are looking for here you will find. You can also customise your lenses if you wish. I chose a full rimmed black pair from the value range. Having worn glasses for so long, I know what shape suits my face so I am a bit boring and tend to stick with what I like. Once I had ordered, they kept me up to date with an email on when they had been shipped, and they arrived around three working days later, which I thought was great.


I am well chuffed, I'll be honest. They are strong, durable, comfortable and potentially Alice-proof! The prescription is clearly correct and I am really happy with them. The glasses come in a hard case with a cloth-wipe. I have shopped with selectspecs before, and will continue to do so - my prescription is saved with them which makes it handy for me for next time. I may even get all designer on yo'ass next time...

Contact Lenses

Select specs will soon be stocking contact lenses, so I will be keeping my eye out (see what I did there?!) for when they are released.

Keep up to date with their updates on Facebook and Twitter. If you buy a pair of specs, let me know how you get on. Their value range is really great - I will probably buy a few more pairs to have around the house, high up...away from the grasp of small hands...

*All views are my own. I was given a pair of specs from the value range of selectspecs for the purpose of the review, they would have cost just £12 with delivery.*


  1. Thank you! I have the same problem with glasses, and two of my kids wear them too, so it's great to know where to go for value ones.

  2. astigmatism means your eyeball is slightly mis-shapen so the light doesn't hit quite the right area at the back of your eye, imagine how a spoon looks in a glass of water this is whats happening to the light in your eye, you'll probably notice more glare than normal too, just picked up my new specs and have astigmatism too

  3. WifeMumStudentBum3 September 2013 at 09:15

    Thanks for that - I just know that my eyes are pretty rubbish - couldn't live without my specs or contact lenses. Thanks for your comment.

  4. WifeMumStudentBum3 September 2013 at 09:15

    Glad the review was helpful to you. Thanks for your comment.

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