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Sandcastle Water Park, Blackpool - Honest Mum's Review

We were delighted when the kind folks at Sandcastle Water Park in Blackpool asked us to pay them a visit and review our day for WMSB. Emily and Alice love swimming and Rosie has not even been swimming yet with her being so young, so I couldn't think of a better way to introduce her to the water! Obviously being a Mum safety is my first concern, and having two babies under three it was really important that they were happy and safe in the water.


Staff were very happy and friendly. They couldn't do enough to help. Having the double buggy can sometimes be difficult, even when places are supposedly 'family friendly.' There was no such problem at the water park - there was a lift to take the kids down in (we folded the buggy slightly to squeeze in!) and there was a large room to put our buggy. The room had CCTV so we had no issue leaving it unattended. Staff were there to point us in the right direction to the room, changing rooms and the park itself, it was all very smooth considering we had our three little cherubs/terrors to organise.


We used the family changing rooms - easy to change the kids in together, a large, clean lockable room. Lockers were really easy - 50p (refundable) each, and we managed with two. There's a baby changing room and hair dryers and showers and even a bottle warming service if you needed it. Rosie drinks her bottles straight out of the fridge, she gets really funny if the temperature is up, so we didn't need to use that. However, our bottles hadn't quite cooled enough from the morning, and when we got her out of the pool, she wouldn't have a warm bottle. Once in the changing rooms, she started crying and a lovely member of staff asked what they could do to help. She took the bottle and cooled it for us, and all was, They also sell floats and nappies for kids so if you get caught short then you can always pick them up there.

Our Day

Me and Warren had a deal between us that we would tend to the babies first - they would probably have had enough after half an hour, and so I would be the one to take them out for a brew and a cake while Warren and Emily carried on having fun for an hour. However, once we had put arm bands on Alice, and put Rosie in a big yellow float, there was no getting them out. I think the babies were in for about two hours until they'd had enough.
Alice was spinning round the rapids with Emily, laughing her head off and sliding down the mini baby slides. Rosie was completely happy just to relax and chill in her little float. The motion of the water just meant that she was rocking slowly, must have been really soothing for her. Emily was just splashing around mental going on all the slides, the rapids and the wave pool.
After we had dressed the babies, I sat with them in the cafe and had a brew and a cake. Wasn't long until they were both fast asleep - the water and excitement had clearly wore them both out.
Emily and Warren stayed in the park for another two hours - the park has free wi-fi, so I amused myself by nerding away on that for a while.

This was just as we left


I would absolutely recommend this water park. What stood out was the service - the staff were so helpful. As a Mum I was worried about safety and the logistics of having all three kids in the water, sorting the double buggy out, etc - but the staff helped to set me at ease. 


*Floats, floats, floats. If you've got young kids, take arm bands and any floats you can. My mind was set completely at ease because we took them, and it's so much easier to pull a float around than a writhing baby!

*Go early - it gets really busy in the afternoon and if you've got young children you'll want it to be a bit quieter

*Your kids will get splashed, so if you're taking them quite young make sure they are OK with getting water in their eyes. Maybe do a practice run in the bath!

Emily's Verdict

"I loved it because all of the rides are epic. Me, my two sisters and Mum and Dad thought it was awesome."

Alice declined to comment, although she could be heard screaming and laughing in the water and saying "I LIKE eeeet!"

*Sandcastle Water Park, Blackpool gave us free entry to the water park for us to review. All views are our own.*

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